/ Scarpa Vapor V sizing and heel rand pain

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rares - on 28 Mar 2018

Hi guys. So I just bought my second pair of climbing shoes, the Vapors. I wear 45-45.5 in street shoes and the first climbing pair I got is a 44.5 Mythos. After climbing in them for a few months they did stretch and while I can definitely still climb well in them, sometimes they feel a tad too large, especially at the heel. 

After trying some sizes, I also got the Vapors in 44.5, I,m leaning a bit towards comfort,. especially now that the shoes are not what is keeping me from upping my grade. They are definitely snugger than the mythos. They feel fine, a bit hard on my pinky knuckles (I have quite a wide foot) but what bothers me is the heel rand (bear in mind I didn't climb in them yet, since if I do that I don't think I'll be able to exchange them). When I put them on all is fine, however when I get up they are straight murdering my achilles tendon. 

Would that part break in as well ? Does it mean that they are to small ? Also, how much to the Vapor stretch?

Thanks a lot

afx22 - on 29 Mar 2018
In reply to rares:

I've had a couple of pairs of the Vapours are there were sore around the achilles area, at first.  They definitely softened up but took a while.

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