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Indy - on 21 Oct 2012
I've been seeing a big advertising push by a new clothing company called "Sherpa Adventure Gear". These people..... and was wondering if anyone had any experience of them.

Website has lots of images of cute children and Himalayan vistas but the cynic in me wonders if its just a marketing thing and that £100 fleece actually only provides like 25 pence towards the charity.

Anyway I ask because the missus is a sucker for this sort of thing and has hinted that she'd like a Nisha Jacket (£120) for christmas.
ashley1_scott - on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to Indy:
Team GB sponsor, so i guess it cant be all that bad
Indy - on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to ashley1_scott:

The cynic in me says that they (probably as a new brand trying to establish themselves) just offered the most money. Just take a look at the top food sponsors for the London Olympics!

Also should have put in my original post that as the missus has asked for it I'll get it but was more interested in knowing a bit more about the brand. Is it an 'outdoors' brand or an' outdoors lifestyle' brand.
peas65 - on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to Indy:

I am also interested in this, have seen the stuff in shops and it looks interesting but i am reluctant to buy without any reviews.
AWR on 21 Oct 2012 -
In reply to Indy:

Kenton Cool is a brand ambassador for them and was wearing some of their kit on Everest this year. He seems to genuinely like the company and their ethics too.
Simon Wells - on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to MountainsAreBetterThanOffices:

I understand the clothing is made by Sherpa's?

A small amount of money for each item goes to a Sherpa Educational Charity.

The actual technical clothing looks well thought out and logical for alpine / scottish winter / 6000m peaks.

So I think a genuine ethical / technical company not a marketing / scam. I have only met Mr Cool a few times professionally, he is not a friend, but I would not imagine he'd be involved if it wasn't genuinely trying to make decent gear and support the Sherpa's.

I recently tried on their Powerstrethc hoody, great design but let down by a tight seam forcing the zip sideways so making it very very hard to zip it up, struggled in an office so decided not good for work or play! Sadly sent it back, I suspect this is just a little slip in a great range of well thought out and ethically manufactured garments
Bellie on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to Indy: I believe Neil Gresham is involved too as well as Kenton.
Petarghh - on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to Indy: The Brand has been around in Nepal for around 8 years, it was founded by a Sherpa and they have just released the brand in the UK. A lot of the gear is indeed made in Nepal (Kathmandu Factory), and a percentage of each sale does go to an education charity in Nepal. Also the factory provides jobs for locals and stuff like the hats are knitted by villagers and they sent down to the factory to have the badges sewn on.

I have been testing various pieces of the Sherpa gear and can honestly say its some of the best gear I've used on the hill, in particular the "lithang" jacket, probably the best waterproof i've ever used.

Very Interested to see how it all performs when the winter conditions hit.

AWR on 21 Oct 2012 -
In reply to Bellie:

Indeed he is, did you go to any of their lecture tour? I went to Bristol and they were great!

The gear seems really nice and I can't help being attracted by the fact it's designed by people who can eat "three, or even four shredded wheat for breakfast!" (quote from Kenton during his lecture) and that some money goes to do some good for Sherpa kids, rather than direct to directors and shareholders...
Damo on 21 Oct 2012
In reply to Indy:

The late Joe Puryear worked with them a lot and wore their gear on his first ascents in the Rolwaling etc. Images at:

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