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 Sleepymouse 07 Jul 2024

Hi All

I'm looking for a rucksack of between 30 & 40 litres. I've seen the Simonds Alpinism 33 which fits my needs and I was wondering peoples opinion on it. Is as good as the big names but less than half the price or have corners been cut in quality of materials to meet the price requirement?. How is the comfort? I'm not able to try one as they are out of stock in all the Decathlon's near me.

Thank you in advance

 scope 07 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

Can't comment on that particular bag, but the simmond bag I bought 6 years ago is still going strong.

In reply to Sleepymouse:

> I'm not able to try one as they are out of stock in all the Decathlon's near me.

Order online. Get delivered to store for free*. No quibble returns policy.

* not sure what their home delivery charge policy is.

 Cake 07 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

I had the old version of it and it was great. The lid pocket is nice and big. There were ways to arrange carrying two ropes and a big-day rack, using the side fastenings, but mostly it all went in besides the helmet. Now it has a carrier for the helmet and a belt pocket it will be even better.

Decathlon take returns for a year. So just order it and see. I just got the money back for my sunglasses without the receipt! 

 TXG 07 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

Hi. I bought one of these a few months ago. Other than a few family walks and climbs, it's had one big outing (a two day Cuillin Traverse).

The bag feels big for it's size. It just about swallowed a fairly heavy bivvy kit (sleeping bag, belay jacket, spare layers) and harness, rack etc. The side straps hold a rope really well, and the helmet mesh was fine, though I have doubts on how long it'll last (the anchor cords are super thin).

Hip belt pocket is pretty small, but does fit the all important bag of Haribo.

Back system is basic, but I found it Very comfortable. Even fully (over)loaded it felt good. There's not much ventilation, so if it's a hot day you'll get a sweaty back. I'm 6 foot and broad. My partner for the traverse is 5.7 and had the same bag and rated it, so it seems to fit a range of body shapes!

Like all these things, it won't last as long as the 200 quid Mountain Equipment job, but the main fabric of the bag seems sturdy enough. On decathlon bags in general the draw cord and closure skirt fabric can deteriorate quite fast, but the bags still seem to function fine. I'll jury rig the helmet mesh if it breaks as its a great feature. 

Just make sure you don't buy the same bag in the same bright red colour as your climbing partner. We looked like Mr & Mrs his n hers!



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 NaCl 07 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

+1 to most of what everyone else has said. Had one for a couple of years now and seems to be surviving well. I'm not too careful with kit too so that's a good sign.

Positives: Well thought out features that work at a price where when/if I have to haul it out a crag up the rock I'm willing to. Certainly comfortable enough for me for a decent day out. Fits the rack, harness and such with room for a flask, a jumper and some scran.

Negatives: Waist belts a bit skinny (but doesn't really affect the comfort much imo).

TL,DR: You'll get better I'm sure but how much more will you pay for it?

In reply to Sleepymouse:

How tall are you? Their packs never fit me at 5'3" and were all 'unisex' the last time I looked but if taller you may well be fine. 

 rowanbrandreth 08 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

I've been using this as my main bag for 5 years. It's quite worn now, but overall it's really good quality. 

 jdh90 08 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

I was looking for a new pack a few years ago to be crag pack, general all purpose rear round walking pack and for ski touring. I fancied an Osprey Mutant with its ability to roleplay as a transformer toy.  I bought the Simon Alpinist 40+ at something like less than half the price.

I like:

Right where I wanted in terms of weight and robustness. It seems well built.

The zip panel into the back is fantastic and I never want to buy a rucksack again without this feature.

Useful compartment for organising ski touring gear, and other useful features like gear loops on the shoulder and hip pads, can carry skis both ways, helmet caddy, axe stash.

Very spacious.

Comfortable enough.

I dislike:

Unless the main bit of the bag is absolutely packed brim full, the lid of the pack slumps down the front and annoys me so much I usually unclip it and throw it inside if there's space, which can give rain an easier time of getting in.

The hip pads continuously unhook themselves, twist around, and the one with the pocket on can't even fit much more than one snack bar.  If it were a touch bigger a phone would go it

Utility 5/5 Comfort 3/5 Design 4/5 Value 5/5

Overall 4/5 would recommend but it has its niggles.  If the lid and hip belt attachment points were re designed it would be pretty close to perfect imo.

OP Sleepymouse 08 Jul 2024
In reply to jdh90:

Thank you for your in-depth reply, it's been very helpful.

I my just stick with my Speedlite 32 for the time being.

Thank you for everyone's input, it's been very helpful.

 New Max 08 Jul 2024
In reply to Sleepymouse:

I’ve used one for 3 years for a mix of hut to hut ski touring, alpine technical climbing routes and scottish winter climbing. 

The side zip is revolutionary. Being able to pivot the bag on one arm strap and retrieve a water bottle without fully taking the bag off is great. 

The helmet net, top rope strap, axe loops, and side ski straps mean you can load up the outside of the pack really securely.  I occasionally use a 47 litre rucksack and end up carrying the same amount just inside the sack. Although by doing so you can easily over load it as it has no rigid frame. 

The waist belt loops are great for hanging non clangy things on like gloves or even soft water bottles.  

The materials are not as sophisticated as other higher end brands. The strapping feels cheap (but is strong). The top pocket zip will occasional open spontaneously if it’s overloaded and over tightened. 

 GeorgeR 12:37 Wed
In reply to Sleepymouse:

I bought the alpinism 33 for a ski touring trip, it was excellent for that but it is also now my crag sack, Can't fault it.

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