/ Size of BD Creek 50 vs Arc’teryx Alpha FL 45?

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stevebarratt 10 Jun 2019

Pretty specific question here:

is the BD creek 50 pack substantially larger than the Arc’teryx alpha fl 45?

The FL 45 has turned out to be much smaller than I expected, and while it’s a great sack, it’s not big enough for all my cragging accoutrements really.

There appears to be a scarcity of 50+ litre climbing sacks out there now, and although a bit unconventional, the creek 50 looks like it might be big enough.

I’ve seen a big variation in the actual sizes of bags stated as having equivalent volumes in the past.  Hence, although “i know” these pages are supposed to be 5L different, I doubt it. I wonder if anyone has seen these two side by side?

Jellington 11 Jun 2019
In reply to stevebarratt:

I've never seen them side by side but I do know that the Alpha FL is actually more like a 30-35 liter pack that can be expanded to 45 liters. So maybe that's why it's a bit smaller than you expected. The BD Creek however, is a proper 50 liter pack as far as I know. 

Mountain Hardwear also has a new line of climbing/cragging packs, the Crag Wagon. It might be worth having a look at those. 

jezb1 11 Jun 2019
In reply to stevebarratt:

The BD Creek 50 is a beast. I’ve had mine a year or so and I love it, my go to cragging bag. It’s taken a lot of abuse and is virtually unmarked.


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HeMa 11 Jun 2019
In reply to stevebarratt:

As has been mentioned, the fully overpacked FL is 45 liters, reg. size is 30 or so. It's also a lightweight alpine climbing bag instead of a craggin' bag.

The Creek is true to the size (so larger) and I think pretty nice. But other options exist so think what you really want (capasity, how long approaches and how technica etc.).

BD Creek, haulbag or one of the numerous craggin' bags are all suited for generic craggin' stuff. But the your indevidual requirements make some option better than others.

That being said, I'l list what I have and use (end their limitation).

Grivel 60l Haulbag. Robust as hell, not the best one to carry, but super easy to pack (just chuck everything in, in Ikea bags or on a sling). Fits easily a hudge rack, 70m single, a bunch of shoes, harnesses and two lids (basically everything needed to climb for 2 persons, so if only one person gear, add some food & clothing).

BlueIce Octopus (old model, ~45 liters). Quite nice to carry and fits the full sport climbing stuff for a single person, plus grub & water. And take to rope out, to carry sport climbing gear for 2 persons plus some grub & clothing. Also pretty much airplane carry-own sized, so used on trips where flying is part of the way gettin' there.

BD Pipedream (~45 liters, perhaps a tad bigger). Nice one to carry and super nice/easy to pack. About the same actual capacity as the 60 liter haul bag (perhaps a hair less, but bigged than the Octopus). Bonus is the thin pad... nice to sit on during winter craggin' (that is ice & mixed climbing) and during summer it can also be used to pad the difficult start of a route (not as good as a proper pad, but certainly better than nothing). Also super good to change diapers for babies (and for them to sleep/nap on).

stevebarratt 11 Jun 2019

I had read previously this thing about the 45 fl being not 45 (it clearly isn’t), hence I was pretty sure the creek 50 should be significantly bigger, I just a wanted to double check.

I don’t want a haul bag for this purpose, just something big enough to fit tons of stuff (ideally 3 pairs of shoes, triple rack, double ropes or 80m rope, 3l water, stove/flask, 2 jackets, spare chalk, big lunch box, couple guidebooks, and ideally some overflow storage like a bungee and rope strap).

re the alpha fl 45 it is actually pretty nice for cragging (it’s incredibly resilient) just a bunch too small for my preference.

the 60L mountain hardwear crag wagon sounds pretty nice (size!), but it’s maybe not worth the extra cash. Previously I would’ve bought a nice simple alpine sack with 50L+10L type capacity and floating lid, ideally in cordura type fabric and with removeable waistbelt and lid (I usually don’t bring these out). But unfortunately there aren’t many of these around at the minute I don’t think. The creek 50 sounds okay. My only concern is how “sealed” it appears going through airports, and it is heavier than I would choose ideally, but maybe it’ll be okay. Thanks for the info!

HeMa 11 Jun 2019
In reply to stevebarratt:

Shape of the Creek is such that is it won’t fit in the carry on dimensions (If the bother to check).

The BlueIce or similar crag pack do (Decatlon do/did a similar one to the BlueIce and the older BlueIce can be had at bargains).

Creek will Most likely be more robust (and heavier, more Akin to hailbags on that regard).

stevebarratt 12 Jun 2019
In reply to HeMa:

Yeah, I expected that.

I was referring to how it’s “looks” when going as checked luggage. With a drawstring closure at one end, it sounds like it won’t give off a particularly impregnable vibe as it transits through airport baggage, or beneath bus storage etc. If it looks like someone can peek inside your bag in half a second, compared with like 15 seconds if they had to remove a clipped lid first etc. in multiple steps.

Anyway I’ve ordered a creek 50, so I’ll check back in to answer my own questions for the record when it arrives.

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