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wykealpha - on 14 Jul 2018

any recommendations/experience in tge field from UKC members please.  

Pedro50 on 14 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

Anker very good but a bit heavy for lightweight backpacking imho. I am going to experiment with a cheapo panel from eBay. I met someone on the GR10 with one which seemed okay. 

Smythson on 14 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

Like Anker - mines been faultless for two years now. 

alexm198 - on 14 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

Another vote for Anker, used them in the Himalaya and Alaska -- both times they worked really well. 

wykealpha - on 16 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

Thanks for your comments. Regarding the Anker chargers, 15w or 21w? and did you charge your devices direct or use a battery pack?


Pedro50 on 16 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

15W. Direct to the phone - lighter, but either works fine.

Adam Long - on 16 Jul 2018
In reply to wykealpha:

For the UK or somewhere (usually) sunnier?

I've got an Anker 21w 3-panel, but the battery is the key bit. The trick is to start with the battery fully charged, charge your phone and cameras at night, then top-up the battery by trickle charge via the panel during the day. A lot of devices don't like intermittent power and will stop charging if the sun goes in and out a few times.

I've got an Anker 20100mha USB-A and Aukey 10050 USB-C powerbank batteries. For two/three day trips the small battery is fine on its own. For longer I take the bigger one and the panel. In the tropics it works great - a week or more and you can return with everything fully charged - Powerbank, Sony DSLR, iphone, Petzl Nao. The powerbanks have two outputs so you can charge two items at once. You can't put power in and out at the same time though.

In the UK you're more dependent on the weather and fettling the panel to keep it perpendicular to the sun. Bear in mind a 20100mha powerbank will take 9+ hours to full charge from a socket, so you do want to be starting charged and topping up.

Getting a decent setup was motivated by a trip to Orkney a few years back - in June and decent weather - where we had a couple of small charging panels which were hopeless.

Options for DSLRs/ laptops etc which require higher power than USB are limited, pricey, bulky and heavy - not an option for backpacking. This is one of the reasons I switched to Sony cameras.

Good detailed review here:

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rubertm on 07:46 Wed
In reply to wykealpha:

I heard good things about Goal Zero Nomad 7, though it is not cheap.

AndyCook - on 13:29 Wed
In reply to wykealpha:

Its a shame these things aren't sold in the UK, although I'm struggling to think why it costs so much. 

Things lie this that are sustainable surely need to start being cheaper to attract more interest and use(?)

wykealpha - on 14:43 Thu
In reply to wykealpha:

Went for the Powerfilm lightsaver in the end. The quoted 5oz weight swayed it for me. Thanks everyone.


Pedro50 on 14:59 Thu
In reply to wykealpha:

Can you point out a UK stockists? Thanks 

kmhphoto - on 10:58 Fri
In reply to AndyCook:

There's a review online which shows that this product doesn't live up to the marketing hype. 

OwenM - on 13:07 Fri
In reply to wykealpha:

I got one of these a bit heavy for backpacking but fine for base camp uses. 

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