/ Sportiva Baruntse inner boot lacing?

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JohnnyW - on 15 May 2017
I am bamboozled.

Have got a nice pair of the above off Ebay, and pleased to find they even almost fit me! But can I fathom out how the single lace thingy works, can I heck? There is a leather tab at the top which appears to attach to some Velcro...should I knot the lace above it and cut it at the desired length. Any ideas?

And has anyone done a thermo-form jobbie too on the inners? All new to me.

dgbryan - on 16 May 2017
In reply to JohnnyW:

If it's the same as the Spantiks you adjust the lace length w an overhand knot in the velcro tab so that when you pull it tight you can simply close it by velcroing, rather than retying every time. I don't think I cut it - just left the tail in the boot.

I had my inners thermoformed in the shop - made a big difference I think, as they didn't seem to fit when I tried them, but then neither did a size up or down. Put 'em in the oven in the shop, then back into them & they were pretty good. Pretty good shop (AMH in Anchorage) & a knowedgable boot-fitter who took 2 or 3 hours w me to get them right.

JohnnyW - on 16 May 2017
In reply to dgbryan:

Thanks Damian, much appreciated. I thought that looked likely, but seemed a bit too simple! I may cut them, as I don't like the loose lace.

When the boot fitter did the warming in the oven, did he/she do it with the footbeds in? The instructions are a little vague.


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