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Sportiva Mythos Expected Stretch

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 C133dnb 05 Dec 2019

Hi All,

Im about to pick up a set of Mythos but i am wondering how many sizes they are likely to stretch by.

I struggle to climb in highly downsized shoes to ever break them in, and found 44.5 Eur are a perfect fit now, and the fit i would like to end up with after breaking in. Tried a set of 43.5, but were way to small for me to climb in, and im going back to try a set of 44's to see if i can work in those.

Not to worried about horizontal stretching as i can adjust with the lacing, but wondering how much they are likely to stretch around the toe-box, particularly length ways.

Anybody able to offer any advice?

In reply to C133dnb:

I have had several pairs of Mythos, love them and disappointed that few, if any, shops stock them. As to stretch, yes they do and much more than any other model of shoe I have ever had. Typically I need a 45/6 in shoes from 5.10, Scarpa but only 43 in Mythos and these have an all day mountain route fit. I need a larger size (normally 44/5) in other Sportiva shoes. Not sure exactly which part stretches the most.

 PaulW 05 Dec 2019
In reply to C133dnb:

I think the Mythos can work well without being super tight and is quite forgiving of being slightly too big - for a climbing shoe that is.

As for stretching, they do stretch and soften quite a lot, but not necessarily lengthways, more an extra volume round the forefoot kind of thing.

 Mike505 05 Dec 2019
In reply to C133dnb:

Does anyone know of any UK shops that stock them? The only one I've seen is the Rock City shop in Hull

 David Coley 05 Dec 2019
In reply to C133dnb:

I buy 3 EU sizes smaller than normal climbing shoes due to the stretch.

 C133dnb 05 Dec 2019
In reply to Mike505:

Im travelling to the shop in Redpoint Birmingham, cant remember what its called. They also have stores in london and Guilford i think. So if any of those are near you, they'll definitely have mythos. They dont do online ordering at all, but will potentially do mail order if your very sure about your size and have had them before. 

They're very big on trying stuff on in store though, due to the different fit profiles of each shoe and so many newer people buying poor fits. 

 C133dnb 05 Dec 2019
In reply to PaulW:


So im better getting the smallest size with a flat toe rather than crimped over and then using the laces to adjust all the volume stretch?

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