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dunnyg - on 04 Oct 2013
Looking for some half ropes, found some of these at a reasonable price. Anyone got any experience using them? Is the water proof stuff any good - have they lasted in general - wondering how they will fare on uk trad.

matejn - on 04 Oct 2013
In reply to dunnyg: I´m really not that impressed by the quality of water proofnes. It has lasted one season and now they are drinking water like a sponge.
Prof. Outdoors on 04 Oct 2013
In reply to dunnyg:
Have used a pair of these over two seasons of trad. I can't really comment about the waterproofing as I use their single rope in winter.

For summer use they have been the best ropes I've used. Light, flexible, easy to handle and very very good value.

Excellent for me.
Nicola Ciancaglini on 05 Oct 2013
Hi there,

Tendon's Master range is their only range that's really outstanding. I'm currently climbing/projecting on a 9.2 single and I love it. The Ambition range (the 7.9 you're mentioning I suppose it's from the Ambition range) is "normally" good, that is, as good as any other rope. I'd advise against anything else from Tendon. One note: uncoil them carefully. Some people find them more prone to twisting.

Tendon offers two different dry treatments. Tendon's Complete Shield (sheath and core impregnated with Teflon) is the only one that's worth paying money for, imho. It's not cheap and unless you really need it, I'd say don't ask for it. Usually ice climbers and mountaineers need that. Other manufacturers offer the same kind of treatment, they just call it with a different name. Any other dry treatment (a basic "oily" treatment is standard nowadays) will wear off sooner rather than later. Yankee ropes (e.g. Blue Water, Sterling) will leave black marks in your hands. That's their basic dry treatment.

For half ropes consider Beal, Edelrid and Mammut too. You should be able to find decent deals.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.