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samt on 20 Aug 2018

Got an old (probably 15 years now) Mountain Hardware Trango 3.1 which we love and is basically in mint condition other than the ground sheet which is now pretty shot. 

Googling suggests that re-proofing is nigh on impossible to do effectively.   Just wondering if anyone's ever had one replaced. i.e. stitching unpicked and a new one stitched in. 

www.scottishmountaingear.com seem to offer the service and look very professional, but just wondered if anyone's used them, or similar.

Pedro50 on 20 Aug 2018
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Had a tent repaired (broken pole caused major fly sheet tears). Very helpful and professional but as with any major repair you have to decide if it makes economic sense - they are not cheap. 

A 15 year old fly sheet could have fewer years left in it than you hope or assume.

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unicycleboy - on 20 Aug 2018
In reply to samt:

I had the groundsheet on an old Vaude tent done by scottish mountain gear, worked well and has kept the rain out thus far and feels heavy duty enough that it might last a bit longer than the original.

As above definatly worth considering how long you think you will get out of the other components before spending the money...that said I'm about to send off an old lightwave for the same thing as new tents all seem pretty pricey.

Denzil - on 20 Aug 2018
In reply to samt: I replaced a groundsheet in one of my old tents. Stitched the new groundsheet in, then cut out the old one out - which helped to maintain the correct shape.


samt on 20 Aug 2018


Thanks for the replies.  I'll most likely be using them after good reports on other channels. 

I've just in the process of re-sealing some of the seams on the fly which leak in heavy rain, so will give the fly a rain proof test before making the decision to splash cash on the ground sheet. 

Its an absolutely bombproof tent and a new one would set me back ~700 quid so 100 quid to get a good quality new ground sheet is a bargain, (if the fly is still good). 

ChrisH89 - on 22 Aug 2018
In reply to samt:

Alternatively you could buy a sheet of tyvek sheet from a hardware store and put it under the tent when you pitch it - pretty light and v. cheap solution. 

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