/ tents with low side walls on the ground sheet

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andrew breckill on 28 Jun 2017
I have a Zephyros 1 tent and reasonably pleased with it after a test overnighter in the garden, seems fairly rigid, enough room. I am however a bit concerned over the approx 1 inch side wall on the ground sheet, any one suffered water ingress in really bad weather?
spenser - on 28 Jun 2017
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I have the two man version, it's been out in some pretty minging weather and I've never had a problem with water ingress. The Zip needs replaying on mine now but I have had it for 6ish years so it's done reasonably well so far.
tingle - on 30 Jun 2017
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if the water rises over an inch deep you're technically sailing. I have a zephyros 1 in my collection and other than it being deafening in the wind its been fine against the elements.
andrew breckill on 11 Jul 2017
In reply to tingle:
Cheers for reply, to be fair not had a tent that wasn't loud in stong winds. My ultra quasar was horrendous, although it was severe weather warning conditions on that occasion, (a fun night on ben nevis next to the tarn) The zephyros was all i could afford and just hoping i haven't compromised comfort in the pursuit of lightness. It does appear the best made lightweight tent i looked at.
Have a lot more confidence that i wont have a miserable night in it now at least. Part of the issue is caused by my choice of sleeping mat, i got an exped 7 down long/wide as it was on a silly offer on amazon. The 50cm wide one would have done me but it was more money. I justified it at the time as i always rolled off 50cm mats, but once you get to 7cm in thickness it appears no longer an issue.

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