/ the durability of new generation PODsacs

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gill - on 21 Aug 2011
I've just had 2 very conflicting pieces of advice regarding the durability of the POD black ice, since the company was sold last year. One shop said the quality went rapidly downhill, although may have picked up again to some degree. The other said the quality didn't change at all. I find the bag fits well but the durability is important to me. the person who said the quality hadn't changed also said that as an example the build quality of RAB products improved after the company was sold. but i know this isn't true because i've got one of their new downie's and it's rubbish. Anybody had a new POD sac since the company was sold? any advice would be much appreciated before i commit to a bag.
Skyfall - on 21 Aug 2011
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I've had two of the old style pod black ices which were of course fantastic. My mate has one of the newer ones. Other than the material being lighter weight, albeit still sturdy, there doesn't seem to be much difference. I'm assuming they're a bit lighter now which, to be honest, would be a good thing as that was always the only real downside of buying pod.
winhill - on 21 Aug 2011
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There was a conscious decision to make less durable, more lightweight sacs a couple of years ago.

Especially Lux range but Alpine too, which only came out last yar IIRC.

I have a cragsac, not bought after the company was sold and it's v tough, in fact they last too well as people don't come back for more.

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