REVIEW: Thermowave Merino Xtreme Baselayer

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Merino Xtreme Close upThe Thermowave Merino Xtreme is a long-sleeved, high necked baselayer which uses a combination of polyester and merino wool to keep you warm without feeling itchy. Best of both worlds?

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In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Is this mulesed (and certified as such) or non-mulesed merino?

In reply to Graham Briffett:

Good question Graham, I'll ask

In reply to Graham Briffett:

We've had a quick response: Thermowave are certified 100% mulesing free

I looked up what mulesing actually is. It's not nice

In reply to Dan Bailey -

No, its not nice. And not necessary either.

I had a quick scan of their website to try and find the answer before posting my question. I couldn't see any reference to their sourcing of wool and it seems odd not to include this info somewhere - surely it would only ever be taken in a positive light? If you've got something to differentiate yourself from the less ethical merino stuff on the market then why wouldn't you ? They're not alone in missing a trick though. 

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 P-squared 07 Mar 2019
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

As with many things, I'm not so sure it's as black and white as that:

As long as the sheep are anaesthetised, surely mulesing is a resonable response to control fly strike (which is horrible and can be deadly)? (I realise we're very far from hiking subjects here!)

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In reply to P-squared:

No, I think it is actually quite black and white. The RSPCA Australia view is that is isn't necessary as a general procedure i.e. the way it is used as a widespread practice today. By taking a better approach to animal husbandry there are much better, more humane, means of controlling flystrike.

Anaesthetic or lack of it is just one part of the argument but it isn't something that is routinely done, as I understand.

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