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Al Randall on 09 Jun 2013
I would like to hear about any experiences with these cams especially from anyone who has used both. I have had a play with some C3's but only Needle Sports seem to stock the Totems so it's not convenient for me to try them before ordering. I believe that the C3's have narrower heads as would be expected with only 3 cams but the 4 cams on Totems sounds safer.
cyberpunk - on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to Al Randall: I have a set of C3 and a set of original aliens. The basics from all reports are more or less the same as original aliens.

I find this combination to be great when needing a double set of small cams.
I like the c3 cause of their narrow head. The head is 1 cam lobe narrower than any other can on the market. I have used them for aiding and I have really abused them, but they remain in perfect working order. I though when I first saw them that the plastic coating would not last but I was wrong. Durability 10 out of 10. But they are not as good as other cams in horizontal placements.
Aliens are very very good. Pretty narrow head width, good range so don't get stuck like master cams, nice long sling, flexible stem.
If I am heading up a pitch that only requires 1 set of small cams I take the aliens, but if I know the placements are small I take the C3s.

However if money was no object I would get a set of BD x4, and a set of BD C3.
Al Randall on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to cyberpunk: I've just seen the X4's. They look very good but are an eye watering £64. I can get C3's for £40 and Totem basics for £49. I think that I would need a little more convincing before splashing out that sort of cash. I don't aid climb so my requirements are possibly less demanding than yours. I also tend to only place cams when I can't get a standard nut in. I've just bought Camalots 3 down to 0.3 so I'm looking for 2 or 3 cams smaller than this. C3's 1, 0 and perhaps 00 or equivalent in Totems.
cyberpunk - on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to Al Randall: get a black blue and green, totem/aliens.
k_os - on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to Al Randall: andy kirkpatrick had a review of them here, but coming from more of an aid angle...
cliff shasby - on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to kos_os:
that review is about the totem cams not the totem basic(new aliens)

the totems are superb,i absolutely love mine(totems not basics)

ive had a set of c3's since they came out(2006 ?) and they have been very well used,always carried used on most climbs and they are still in perfect working order,i must say im impressed with the durability.

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