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Jus 12 Sep 2019

I need to refresh my draws I've had for nearly 20 years. 

What to get? Are WC Heliums worth the money? 

Advice appreciated.

Hat Dude 12 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

DMM Spectre 2 from Needlesports!

Great balance of lightness, vfm & quality

jkarran 12 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

Re-sling your existing krabs on doubled or tripled 60cm dyneema.


In reply to Jus:

I bought 2 sets of Ocun Kestrel QD's recently for a very good price. i climb a lot of multi pitch so 12+ draws is not uncommon. the kestrels have made a huge difference to the weight of my rack (240g lighter in all). they are small but you soon get used to the difference when clipping. 

The sling section is also a short length though so you have to be careful to reduce rope-drag or rack some longer ones/sling-draws if on a wandering route. 

i think the deal i got put them down to like £8 apeice but i cant find that deal anymore  

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Jus 12 Sep 2019
In reply to jkarran:

They are a bit small and not so easy to clip. Time for some new ones.

Jus 12 Sep 2019
In reply to Hat Dude:

They look like a much more manageable price. 

Jus 12 Sep 2019
In reply to paul_the_northerner:

wow. 58g!

PaulJepson 12 Sep 2019
maxsmith 12 Sep 2019
In reply to PaulJepson:

Agree with both of the above, Spectre 2 hard to ignore at the price and weight.  Tried Phantoms but they were too fiddly...

GarethSL 12 Sep 2019
In reply to maxsmith:

As above, spectres are nice! You can also look at the dmm chimeras. Which strike a nice balance between weight and usable size.

Whatever you decide to go for I really recommend getting those multipacks and swapping out the dog bones for some 60cm slings. The multipacks are often on sale and it's a good way to get lots of gear for an ok price. 

Mark Stevenson 12 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

I've got a massive rack of WC Helium draws (bought second hand) and they are categorically not worth the extra money compared with DMM Spectre 2s if you are paying anything close to the normal retail price for them. Brilliant krabs but just not  twice as good as the Spectres.

The two best value for money options currently available have already been mentioned:

Full size - DMM Spectre 2

Lightweight - Ocun Kestrel

Lots of other lovely options available like the Petzl Ange (a climbing partner last year was sponsored by Petzl) but like Heliums they are hard to recommend given how expensive they are.


NigelHurst 13 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

Another vote for Alpine draws, all you'd have to buy is some 60cm slings and repurpose your existing krabs - they're more flexible than std quickdraws fro trad when you need to extend and you can use them for threads and spikes.

Jus 13 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

thanks all. very helpful.

jamie_bkc 13 Sep 2019
In reply to Jus:

I too would vote spectres but also mammut for the 60cm dyneema slings. The way they stitched the ends together makes a noticeable difference to how cleanly my alpine draws rack,  especially on route. My ocun slings by comparison are just annoying.

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