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Nathan Adam - on 25 Jan 2013
Anyone here used the above company for anything recently ? I ordered a pair of Trangoworld soft shell trousers a few days before Christmas and i can understand why they weren't shipped to me until the 3rd or 4th of January. However, they sent an email saying that the trousers were now in stock and had been sent for shipping (DHL Next Day). Days pass and I try to contact them again for them to tell me that they weren't actually in stock and wouldn't be available for another seven days, so I could either wait for them or pick something else (everything else being at least £30 dearer). Other than being pissed off I was in no rush to get them so just decided to wait it out. Almost at the end of January and still no contact from them about when the trousers will be due. Pretty peeved with the service and i doubt its one i'll be using again. Apparently its something that "never happens" according to their online sales team !

Anyone else used this website (or collection of websites) and had poor dealings ?
RockShock on 25 Jan 2013
In reply to Nath93:

Ordered from them once (I think it's a Spanish company and I ordered to Spain) and got my eTrex 20 at really good price the in the next two days... But then again, it's the only time I ordered anything so cannot comment much. Their Outletinn part, however, has some good looking deals at time, shame that the sizes are usually either XS or XXL....

LJC - on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to Nath93: Bought some ski boots which took about a week to be dispatched, but needed to go a half size up (thought that it might be the case but took a gamble anyway). Sent them back and it took about a month for the refund to be processed, with no updates about the return, not even one to say the boots had arrived. Some frantic calls to Spain later they assured be they had, but it didn't speed anything up. Probably wouldn't buy from again as they were hard to get hold of and didn't seem on top of things.
Nathan Adam - on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to LJC: Thanks for both reply's. Trangoworld don't even seem to stock the trousers i ordered anymore so it'l likely be a long wait. I'll just stick another £20 to it and get the bright blue Decathlon trousers. Safe to say i probably won't use Trekk Inn again ! Cheers.
teh_mark on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to Nath93:

Not quite as bad as a hockey shop I ordered some kit from last year. After being assured that everything was in stock when I ordered it (I needed it desperately for a game that week), it turns out it wasn't. Two months of waiting and bugging them by phone, and I eventually get them to concede to refunding me. Except they never did - it took a Paypal claim and another good few weeks before I had my £200 back and the ability to order the kit elsewhere.

I think some stores don't understand that customer service doesn't just end when you give them your money...

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