/ Tying tether from half rope

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neuromancer - on 15 Feb 2018

Have two 5m offcuts of 8.5mm half.

Planned to use one to make a pair of sport climbing / multipitch tethers for anchors / abseils (the rest is becoming a dog lead).

Probably overthinking this, but is there any more efficient and "small knot low hassle" than a fig8 on a bight at one end (girth hitch to harness) and another at the other end (for a screwgate).

If not - how long? Half a metre? 1?

Jon Greengrass on 15 Feb 2018
In reply to neuromancer:

barrel/scaffold knot is less bulky, just don't get it wrong

jkarran - on 15 Feb 2018
In reply to Jon Greengrass:

Barrel knots at the ends and an overhand or no knot at all in the middle is the cleanest you can make it. As Jon said, don't get them wrong!


The Ex-Engineer - on 12:15 Fri
In reply to neuromancer:

An overhand knot on the bight is OK to make the loop for hitching to the harness. It's what I've used for the lanyard I have with a Kong Slyde.

It's marginally weaker than a fig-8, but the normal downside of being far harder to untie once loaded isn't an issue in this scenario. There's probably slightly less shock absorption than a fig-8 but any dynamic lanyard will be far, far better than the static alternatives. Cross loaded, overhand knots can still slip (although less than a fig-8) so it's probably worth pre-loading the knot and avoid having a really short tail.

As others have said, used a barrel knot for attaching a karabiner to the other end. (Although the better option might be to make it adjustable by buying a Kong Slyde - assuming you can actually find one in stock somewhere.)

GrahamD - on 12:23 Fri
In reply to neuromancer:

Over analysing. 

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