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Timmd on 20 Mar 2013

Has anybody used Ventile in the UK year round, since it's always raining it seems, and how have they found it?

Does it really work, and is it comfortable/pleasent to wear? Is what i'm wanting to find out.

Many thanks,

andyathome on 20 Mar 2013 - []
In reply to Timmd:
Its a long time since I used Ventile but... if it gets absolutely sodden then it is not pleasant. Could well depend on the 'repellency' of what you are using. Sodden and freezing is another issue....

But in generally dry conditions with odd showers it is ace.
Jim Braid - on 20 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd: Everyone used it in my generation in the early sixties. It's excellent, hardwearing, windproof and comfortable. It isn't waterproof in the way that Goretex or Paramo is. Probably better described as shower proof like a soft shell. You could waterproof it but after a few days on the hill it gradually lost its water repellency. I can remember the great leap forward with coated PU - non-breathable so you ended up soaked in sweat. Still after a day of rain you were more comfortable than with ventile - warm and wet rather than cold and wet.

For a lot of UK conditions, spring to autumn it would be fine, possibly backed up with a Paclite top for more persistent rain.
AndyP - on 20 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd: It is a decent alternative to hard shells in winter if the weather is kind to you, but it is really only a windproof in summer; if it rains you will get soaked and when wet it turns into mdf. I've used a couple of smocks made by Hilltrek and I like them, but as explained, Ventile has its limitations. It is however fairly tough and easy to repair, and you can treat it with Nikwax 'cotton proof' to get it only slightly shower proof. If there were more innovative designs/styles etc it would probably be more widespread but there are not many manufacturers using it.
Timmd on 20 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd:Am wanting something which will be okay while out all day in quite heavy rain, it's sounding like Ventile isn't what i'm after. Thanks all.

Siward on 21 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd: a double layer ventile jacket will not leak to any great extent, the theory is that the outer layer absorbs water, swelling the fibres which then become pretty much airtight.

This is the reason it was used for immersion suits during the war.

The second layer will prevent any further water ingress.

However a wet ventile jacket will weigh as much as a wet dog on your shoulders.
Brownie on 21 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd:
I use a double ventile jacket with three layer patches on shoulders and double trousers at work - ranger.
It is heavy and goes stiff when wet but still doesn't leak and has been in use as my main waterproof on work days for over 8 yrs 2 now.
I getit manky all the time and it goes in the washing machine once a year whether it needs it or not - it should be done more often but usually gets a rinse in the rain, or in the river instead.
The surface treatment wears off quickly but the outer layer absorbs water swells then lets no more through. It is fantastically windproof and breathable when dry, as there is no laminate or proofing.
Heavy goretex jackets used to last less than three years and trousers less than that.
I've got a single layer one for showery days.
If you can put up with the weight it is good.
skarabrae on 21 Mar 2013 -
In reply to Timmd: couple of my pals have ventile smocks, the dogs bollocks.........back in the 40`s 50`s when there was no alternative!!
i think you`d be better off with paramo or event(or similar) shell.
andic - on 21 Mar 2013
In reply to Timmd:

Has anyone seen or used one of the PhD down jackets? Dont think they made very many.

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