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Nathan Adam - on 10 Dec 2013
Okay, so i have a pair of Nepal Evo's which are good climbing wise, but after a long day and then a walk out the balls of my feet are screaming at me. Getting fed up of putting up when everyone else i know seems to get on fine. Have tried adding extra inner to bulk it out and cushion but starting to think it's the boot not fiting my feet so reckon its time to look at alternatives. Obviously no B3 is going to be nice after wearing for ten or more hours but don't think i should be hobbling back to the car after a big day.

I have super skinny heels with really high arches and quite wide feet at the front. Anyone got the same kinda foot and have found a boot which works, or any boot fitter with advice to offer ?

Seem to get this with all my foot wear other than my Guide tennies which have stretched to accommodate my weird shaped feet (or that's my theory anyway).
AdCo82 on 10 Dec 2013
In reply to Nath93:

Go somewhere like Cotswolds where they do a proper boot fit but ask for someone who does know about winter boots.

Inserts such as superfeet, volume reducers and just different methods of lacing can also help. I have super skinny feet at the ankle and front so different to you.

I'd say maybe look at some of the Scarpa boots as they are wider than the likes of La Sportiva and Asolo.

BAdhoc - on 10 Dec 2013
In reply to Nath93:

If you can find the salomon b3's anywhere they might fit you. I know they have high arches and nice heel support in their walking boots
Damo on 10 Dec 2013
In reply to Nath93:

I have the same problem with Nepal Extremes, though not all the time - some days are fine, some terrible. I have very high arches, a bony instep and narrow heels and have trouble with lots of boots of various brands. Scarpa are too wide and in my size - 47 - too short for their width.

I had a custom orthotic footbed made and this helped a lot. You stand on a scanner, they 'scan' your feet and see where the pressure points really are, then make each footbed accordingly. My left and right bed are quite different, as my feet are quite different. Under the ball of my right foot is an extremem pressure point, owing to the shape and dynamic of my foot, so they put different padding there. They also put a bulge of padding under the middle of my foot, where there was an invisible space, to take some of the weight.

Superfeet and other regular shop footbeds can only do so much. Likewise different lacing, shims, wedges, pads and various things never really helped. Very few shops can fit boots well and all have limited resources, particularly compared to a professional maker of orthotics.

They're very expensive, but I feel they're worth it in the long run. Mine are almost finished now, but have lasted around seven years of intermittent but heavy use.
In reply to Nath93:

I had the same problem. I found a great fitting boot, Zamberlan Expert Pro. Chalk and cheese!
SidharthaDongre - on 10 Dec 2013
In reply to Nath93:

You might need to get boots half a size bigger, to allow for the natural splay of the forefoot when your arch drops upon impact.

Somewhere like Cotswolds or Outside should be able to see how the length and width of your feet change from being sat down to being stood up. They should also be able to measure the change in your foot volume too.
TobyA on 10 Dec 2013
In reply to Nath93:

I used to get that very sharp pain in the balls of my feet in stiff boots - got Superfeet insoles, and it never happened again. For me at least it really was that simple.
Darkskys - on 11 Dec 2013
In reply to TobyA:

I agree with TobyA, I have really high arches which after an outing last year in Winter, left me nearly crippled.
Superfeet have sorted this out for me!

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