What on earth is in my rucksack lining!?!?!?!?

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 berks&oxon 18 Jan 2023

Back in 2006 I acquired a 2nd hand Tog24 spirit 65 - It's been all around the world with me but has been in the loft for the last four years.

Upon taking it out yesterday, I heard what I can describe as silica crystals or stones shifting from one end to the other within the lining. When I touch it, it feels like cat litter.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? I've spoken to Tog24, however, they weren't able to help (although were very helpful).

Before I take a pair of scissors to it to satisfy my curiosity, I thought I'd check to see if this is a common feature.

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Well aged mouse poo?

OP berks&oxon 18 Jan 2023
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I did think that, but I can't find any sort of hole where they would have entered 

 Dave the Rave 18 Jan 2023
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Hmmm. Last year I got an old suitcase from the attack and had similar.

Ni holes of rodent entry. On undoing a zip it turned out to be plastic supports that had disintegrated. Made a right mess. 

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crack rocks?    did someone borrow your rucksack for a while before travelling through customs and mysteriously went missing so you never saw them again even though you expected to travel onwards together. Do dogs in airports always seem to walk over to you and sit down? Was he a baddie from the 80s Miami Vice series? It would explain everything

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 timjones 19 Jan 2023
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If you're lucky the previous owner may have been a forgetfull diamond smuggler

 Dave Cundy 19 Jan 2023
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Did it have a thin foam liner which has shrivelled and broken up into bits?

Or is it the remains of a packet of M&Ms which has mysteriously found its way there.

A few years ago, our cat brought a mouse in which then found its way into the garage.  Caused havoc, especially when it found the new bag of pistachios.  For years after, I've found little staches of them in various hidden corners.

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