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Boulderdash86 on 25 Jul 2012

I'm looking at buying some new base layers as my smelly hellys are on there way out. I have had a look on the forums but it goes into makes, which there is a greater choice now since I last brought base layers. I'm thinking of Merino Wool but want to get peoples views, I would be using them all year round for summer climbing, winter mountaineering as well as the walks in. So would be looking at getting 4 (2 for summer, 2 for winter), also anyone got any recommedations for underwear that wicks away sweat - I currently have Under armour which is alright, but I reckon there are better out there.

AdCo82 on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

Stick with the Icebreaker range, awesome stuff .
JayPee630 - on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to An Triubhas:

I've had a few Merino tops and have mixed views on them. I think they're great for cool days, but find them far too hot for warmer days, and they don;t actually wick that well IME, they also get a bit damp and heavy I think, especially for something like running.

The best tops IME are Patagonia's Capilene, and the merino mix tops like the Rab MeCo.

I get by with 4 styles of base layer top for all year round: a tshirt, a long sleeve tshirt, a zip neck long sleeve top, and then a Patagonia R1 hoody..
Styx - on 25 Jul 2012
I don't like merino baselayers, they get wet and stay wet, synthetics dry much, much quicker.

Rab MeCo are the exception, they're a mix of merino & cocona, I quite like my light weight one.

Usually, I stick to the Patagonia Capilene or Arcteryx Phase layers which are expensive but are quite frankly awesome.
geordiepie - on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

As others have said Merino is generally too hot for summer but good in winter. Icebreaker is decent but is very prone to getting small holes/tears in the lighter weight fabrics. Smartwool is pretty similar as just as good.

For synthetic I've used Berghaus stuff for years, it's reasonably cheap and seems to last for ages.
Andy Mountains - on 25 Jul 2012

I have used Berghaus the last few years, and as you say very effective & bombproof plus cheap.
Have had one Helly Hansen Lifa which was fantastic at wicking. Think you can get them much cheaper now than they used to be.
Used Merino last winter & didn't get on well with it at all, spent most of the day damp (but I am a bit of a sweat monster mind)
doz on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: Merino works just fine for me.. No problems with drying unless it's monsoon weather when it retains heat nicely....t- shirt+ long- sleeved thingy+singlelayer ventile for summer/paramo in winter is all i ever need for running/climbing/skitouring/doing the dishes etc
Find smell after two weeks continuous wear alot more bearable than synthetics but then i have'nt ever got a second opinion on that
Oh...and woolly undies an socks too
(apologies if that's too much detail)
anaesthetic on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

I've been wearing Ronhill running Tees (bought cheap in GoOutdoors) for summer climbing and walking, they wick very well, they're really light, I've worn for two days and would have done longer if needed.
Berghaus for colder weather, a bit thicker material for warmth but still wick fairly well and don't get smelly.

Patagonia underwear is good - mine are women's but would assume Mens similar.
Boulderdash86 on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: I have got some Paramo Men's Cambia Boxers so will try them out and see what they are like after I get back from Scotland. Now just got to look at base layer tops...bee na few good suggestions so far
JayPee630 - on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

The better smelling thing is true, wool's much better than synthetics generally, but I think you can get the advantages with merino mix, with none of the disadvantages.

Oh yeah, moths love eating wool too, have lost a few tops to the little f*ckers. Merino pants and socks seem to be fine for me, but wouldn't buy another pure merino top, only a mix.

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