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This winter I’ve been getting into a bit of climbing as well and been loving it however I’m still missing a proper belay jacket. 

im also a broke student so would prefer not to spend money I don’t have to but will do if it’s best in the long run.

In wales I’ve been using a me transition jacket and it’s been okay but the weather was pretty perfect and I know that’s rarely the case.

what would you choose for Scottish winter, there’s the me shelterstone but i question if it’ll be warm enough but soo cheap I’m comparisons.

sheleterstone £130

citadel £300

fitzroy/ Rab generator ~£250

or also another option I haven’t considered.

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Look on, I recently got a montane ground control belay jacket (presumably last season colour) for £89

 Andypeak 06 Jan 2023
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I've just ordered a paramo belay jacket on their outlet store on eBay for £150. It's not arrived yet but I've heard that they are very warm

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I've had a Montane Ground Control for a while which is good value as a packable extra warm layer which I've found good for throwing on for lunch on winter summits in fine weather. I'm not sure I'd want to sit in it for hours in foul weather. It doesn't have any big interior pockets to keep stuff like gloves/rock shoes in.

I got a Citadel a few months back for this winter, and it is an entirely different bit of kit. You feel like you're in a suit of armour and whatever the weather's doing outside ceases to matter, amazingly warm! A lot more spendy though, and doesn't pack down as small, (although it is pretty amazing the stuff sack it goes into). I'll be happy having it with me when on my own in the winter knowing if I get into trouble I can just hunker down in it and be safe while waiting for rescue.

The Fitzroy may be better value as you could use it for more all round purposes, packs down smaller, and is by all accounts still a very warm jacket.

I did find the Patagonia DAS a fair bit cheaper than the Citadel online  but not anywhere I could try it on, and Patagonia stuff doesn't generally fit me as well as ME, so passed.

If you're skint, I'd probably keep an eye on the outdoor gear marketplaces and pick up the warmest jacket you can find and see how you go for a season, then can always shift it on and upgrade if you want something better.

 GCO 06 Jan 2023
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Keep an eye on Magic Mountain. There was a Fitzroy on there earlier this week for about £170. I was tempted, but I’ve already got too many of these things (courtesy of magic mountain).

 Al Cartwright 06 Jan 2023
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You can get the Arc'teryx Nuclei SV at a similar price to the Citadel. Bit spendy but awesome jacket! lighter than the Citadel too at 600g

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Cheap enough to trash, mines a few years old and still ok.

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Another great bargain option is a Fjern Husly from Sportpursuit...

Pretty similar to a Citadel, mine is extremely warm and robust, if a bit bulky but at £90 its a very good deal.

 Run_Ross_Run 06 Jan 2023
In reply to 0ni0n: have the Montane Gangstang (sp) jacket. It ain't pretty but it's a bomber synthetic jacket with up to 127 GSM of insulation in it.

All for £90.


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Great western camping inDorchester have the Rab Generator half price (£125) at the moment. I picked one up myself from there a few days ago and while I’ve not used it for its intended purpose yet it’s very light, warm and packs down small

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Fjern Husly, mega warm and cheap, very bulky though. Probably too bulky for many situations but ideal for cragging. Currently £90 on sportspursuit

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This is way out of date model wise. But it remains a good for describing what makes a good belay jacket.

 Siward 08 Jan 2023
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Alpkit Ohiro might be worth a look. On sale atm

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