/ Which crag pack? Peak Attack or Crag Attack?

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Quiddity - on 09 Jan 2008
Geeky question ahoy. I'm Looking for anyone who's got experience of either (preferably both) of these Lowe Alpine packs, or similar packs from other manufacturers.

Peak Attack 40

Crag Attack 40

The Peak attack seems to have more features - a better hip belt, stiffened back panel, aluminium frame, etc. but it weighs and costs over half as much again.

I'm thinking of this primarily as a crag pack, but it would be useful to do lightly packed weekend trips in it but also be able to carry it on mountain routes if necessary. I don't have a car, so it's pretty important to me to have a pack which I can comfortably carry for a long time. Anyone who has used both packs (or similar) - Would I miss the back panel/hip belt if I were needing to carry a lot of gear long distances, or are they just unnecessary features to add to the price and weight?
Lemony - on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick: I've had a quick muck about with them both, both in shops and with mates ones. I'd say the Crag's fine for mountain routes and walking. If you find it a bit uncomfortable stick a bit of a karrimat down the back panel.

It seems a very nice sack for the price.
Will Hunt - on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick:
Ive just got my Peak Attack 30 litre in the post (as in 15 mins ago). Very happy. Will do me just fine for any days cragging/multipitching. Have no experience of the Crag Attack though. Was tempted by it as it was considerably cheaper but decided to stick to my guns as I had checked out the Peak Attack in the shop before hand and didnt want to take a risk and get a crap product.
(Bought it online from the shop I viewed it in)
Lemony - on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to Will Hunt: Actually, I have to admit, as impressed as I've been by the Crag Attack I'd be sorely tempted by the Peak if it was for me.
Lemony - on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to Lemony: Oh, and ultimate outdoors has them slightly cheaper than RRP at the moment by the way.
Denni on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick:

Hi mate,
would definately recommend the Peak Attack. I use it mainly for overnighters in the hills and can get all I need into it for a couple of days.
Also use it for long mountain ridges/scrambling with overnight kit and basic climbing kit.

I know it's a wee bit more expensive although I got mine from fleabay at a good price.

Before that I had the North Face Terra 40 I think it's called, thats also a good wee sack, only replaced because it was nicked off the train.

Quiddity - on 09 Jan 2008
In reply to all:

Cheers for the views, guys. It looks like I should at least take a look at the Peak attack close up.

Particularly interested in the opinion of anyone who as the Crag Attack?

threepeaks on 10 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick: I have a Crag Attack, an excellent sack and Den will testify that I've been searching for a sack for a while. I also own a Berghaus 60 degrees which I use for day walks and Alpine days and a Crux AK50 for trips to the CIC, etc. I've found the Crag Attack brilliant -except for the ice axe loops, which I'm going to change. No problems carrying a full rock or winter rack all day. I'll be planning to use it in the Alps too, I've got a full rack with bivvy gear in a smaller sack (Grivel Rock) so I'm not anticipating any problems there. I thought the Peak Attack too over featured and heavy and the Mountain Attack Lite too flimsy for general cragging. This sack is a good combination of features, lightweight, durability and a good price. Make sure you try both on full of wieght and walk around the shop for 15 - 30 mins to get a real feel for it. Hope this helps, Dave
Quiddity - on 11 Jan 2008
In reply to Dave Sarkar:

Cheers for that dave. Useful stuff.
simon geering on 11 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick:
This is slightyl OT but i would recomend that you also consider the Mountain Attack Pro 45+10, got one of these as my second pack and never looked back.

Not sure that the extra space makes much diferenct but i would never want a pack with any different strap system on it! It is ruddy brilliant compared with the plastic types you get on a lot of packs.

The other things you might want to consider are if you want a pack with side pockets, something i use for a thermus and 1 ltr water bottle as i cant get on with those modern hydration tube thingys.

Also think about is how many gear loops there are, on the models you link there are only two. Where as on the Mountain Attack there are four which is grate when doing multiple routes on a crag as the gear comes off the 4 loops on ur harness onto the pack while u walk between routs so there is no sorting it all back out again at the start of the next route!

Anyway just some ideas.
Denni on 11 Jan 2008
In reply to Dave Sarkar:
> (In reply to plexiglass_nick) I have a Crag Attack, an excellent sack and Den will testify that I've been searching for a sack for a while.

Hey Dave,
more rucksack buying and selling than I've ever known!

mlmatt - on 12 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick:

I've got a crag attack, and its no quite the 40l it say it is. never the less i havn't had a better mountain sack, it does it all, cragging/ overnights/ mountain days/ scrambling. althought material is heavier than the peak attack, it make up for this by being more durable. its can be thrown, dropped, dragged, hauled (and believe me it has).
The back panel takes a bit of getting used to as there is minimal padding, and no internal frame, so pack it carefully. The waist belt is as light a hell so you won't need to be cutting it away.
As for the lack of gear loops on the waist belt or pack. who needs it. the pack sits high enough up your back that you can reach around your harness completly.
overall excellent value, and no complaints a good decent pack.
IanJackson on 12 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick:

If your looking for an Alpine pack, look into these. I hadn't used them but have been recommended them as a cheaper alternative

I say Alpine as, don't be expecting a padded hips belt.
Sam L - on 12 Jan 2008
In reply to plexiglass_nick: The first one looks well over featured, there's a limit to what you need, and that is basically side compression straps and maybe some elastic on the front. Don't be fooled by extra stuff, especially if you've never thought 'ooh, I wish there was a strap there'-it's extra weight, and extra money! I have a Berghaus Extrem Crag sac, and it is pretty cheap, light, comfy and a pretty good all round sac if you only have one-enough volume for weekend trips, solid enough for day to day cragging, light enough for the alps, and you can strip it down to lose features you don't want (like the lid/waist belt etc.).

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