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sean1 - on 19 Oct 2013
I have a pair of Muira's that now need resoling. They had the XS Grip on them. I thought they where really good for smearing and edging and lasted fairly well. I have a choice of rubber to resole in, XS Grip in 4 or 5mm or XS Edge in 4mm. Has anyone used any of these rubbers? Is there a big difference between the Grip and Edge rubbers? Is there a difference between the 4 and 5mm Grip rubber for durability and sensory? Any help would be great, Thanks
apana790 - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sean1: at the moment I have 5mm xsedge on mine. Xsedge feels denser than X grip but still smears fine in my opinion. I guess it depends on what you wanna do and climb with your shoes.
sean1 - on 20 Oct 2013
In reply to apana790:
Hi Apana790, does the edge rubber last better than the grip xs? do you loose much sensitivity with the 5mm over the 4mm. Thanks
apana790 - on 20 Oct 2013
In reply to sean1: 5mm xsedge is probably the most durable sole la sportiva have on offer in my opinion. I had it on my shoes for almost 14 months of heavy use both indoors and out (mainly slate and rhyolite) and by heavy use I mean 4 sessions a week indoors and long days out at the weekends.Only now I'm noticing that the edges don't offer as much help when edging as they used to. I guess that the 4mm xgrip might be slightly more sensitive but I couldn't really tell the difference, also it didn't take abuse as well as xsedge.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.