/ Wild Country Helium Friend Trigger repair kit?

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Big Lee - on 16 Aug 2018

Hmmm, it seems WC no longer sell trigger repair kits for their older models of cam. I've got a WC Helium Friend 3.5 and wondered if anybody knows of an alternative trigger repair kit that will fit it?

Stuart the postie - on 16 Aug 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

I couldn't source BD trigger kits for Camalots, at the time. Retrofitted WC trigger kits, no problems.

Could you try the opposite or do BD no longer supply them?

Is it the trigger or wire that's broken?


Big Lee - on 17 Aug 2018
In reply to Stuart the postie:

Thanks, sounds worth a try. Sorry yes I should have said it's just one of the cables. The BD cables look a similar design, so imagine they should be fine providing the total cable length isn't too short. I can probably 'make' the pins fit through the cam heads if they are too tight. Think I'll pop down my local shop with a tape measure to measure some cables.

Andy Manthorpe on 18 Aug 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

I've just repaired a cam with plastic strimmer cable as shown here


It seem to work fine.


buxtoncoffeelover - on 18 Aug 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

I've doneĀ cable replacements with strimmer cable ( 2 different thicknesses - orange, pale blue) & others with heavy EthibondĀ (suture material used for tendon repairs & in hip replacement). Easily done, & all still functioning over a year later

Big Lee - on 27 Aug 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

For anybody else in the same position the BD cables don't fit old WCs. The WC cam heads are wider meaning there's not enough surplice wire to bend at the cam heads to hold the wires in place. Also, the link between the cable and wire interferes with the cam head function. Looks like I either have to bodge it but a new cam.

On a separate note it seems a pity that WC no longer supply parts for a four year old cam and don't offer any sort of maintenance service grumble grumble.

Martin Bennett - on 27 Aug 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

I just use "piano"wire. B&Q sell it very cheaply. Buy the correct gauge to just fit the holes in the cams and it lasts for ever. Only downside is it can become a bit distorted whilst rattling about in your rucksack but it's the matter of a moment to straighten it again.

Edit - just noticed you have Helium Friends. mine are the older Technical Friends so I can't say for sure simple replacement with wire is appropriate as I've never seen 'em up close.

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