/ Windpro II & Titan Kettle for winter lightweight overnighters

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iamaclimber on 06 Aug 2014 - whois?

I am looking at the MSR Windpro II as a stove for using when wild camping, bothying and snowholing in winter. I am also considering the Titan Kettle.

Does the stove pack inside the Kettle?

Would just the Kettle alone be enough cooking kit for a lightweight winter trip, or would people suggest a larger pan too/instead. I would be cooking boil-in-the-bags, rice, pasta etc and making brews.

The Ex-Engineer - on 06 Aug 2014
In reply to iamaclimber: FWIW one of my friends (and regular UKC poster) has just completed a major group test of stoves for a UK magazine. His conclusion was that the Optimus Zeta stove was better than the MSR Windpro.

I had a play with the one he had on test a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. It is now on my long term shopping list instead of a Windpro.

As to the best pan, I've got a MSR titan mug and 2litre pan both of which are still going strong after 13! years of regular use. However if I was buying something now I'd be seriously looking at some of the pans with some sort of heat exchanger for quicker boil times and lower fuel usage. Primus have some nice pans although none stand out as ideal.

It might not be the best in terms of multi day trips melting snow due to higher fuel consumption but I don't think you can go too far wrong with the MSR titanium cookware in terms of durability and headline weight.

rackandruin - on 06 Aug 2014
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If its any interest Ive got an MSR Titan Kettle and an MSR Titan Mug for sale. Theyve both only been used about 5 or 6 times No dents and almost as new. I got them as a pressie but just dont use them - £35 + £5 P+P for them both.
rackandruin - on 06 Aug 2014
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captain paranoia - on 06 Aug 2014
In reply to iamaclimber:

Consider taking a plastic pot for 'cosy cooking', or just for keeping, say, pasta/rice ready whilst you cook the sauce. Depends how adept you are at one-pot cooking; that can always be tested at home.

Melting snow with a small pot can be a challenge; the useful volume of the Titan kettle is about 850ml. You'll be feeding snow into it constantly to get a reasonable volume of water (depending on how fresh/compacted the snow is).

Does the WP2 pack into the kettle? Don't know; I have the kettle, but not the WP2. Ask MSR...? Their website isn't very helpful, is it 'fits in a 1 liter pot'; yeah, but what dimensions?

I have a Karrimor Alpine Stove (aka a Fire Maple FM-117). That certainly packs into the Titan kettle. £23 from SportsDirect...
Guy Hurst - on 06 Aug 2014
In reply to iamaclimber:

The Windpro II I have easily fits into the 1.1l Tibetan pan (similar shape to the Titan kettle) I often use in winter, with room to spare for spoon, fire steel, tea bags and a bag of powdered milk. I've found it a really reliable and easy to use stove which works well down to -12C (coldest I've used it yet). It won't quite fit in my Tibetan mug, which is what I use in summer, but only because the burner is a fraction too wide.
iamaclimber on 04 Sep 2014 - whois?
In reply to iamaclimber:
As far as I can tell, the only difference between the Windpro and the Windpro II is that the latter has a wee stand which enables you to turn the canister upside down and get a direct liquid feed. Surely you can do this with a canister anyway - ie you don't need a stand?!

And does anyone find any need to carry the included windshield and heat reflector? Additional weight....
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