Winter Harness - replacement for mammut togir click?

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 Sharp 07 Feb 2023

I need to replace my harness as it's 10 years old and getting a bit ratty. It's a Mammut Togir Click ( which has the quick release buckles for your leg and waist loop, so you don't have to poke your legs through the holes.

It's been a great harness and easy to get on and off without balancing on one leg but they don't seem to make it anymore. Also has 4 slots for ice screw clips which seem to be either absent or just two on a lot of harnesses.

Does anyone know if anything similar exists? I have had a search but I can't find any others with the same feature. Perhaps someone decided it wasn't a good idea to have a quick release wasist buckle! It's always felt pretty secure to me. Only change I would have made would have been to make both parts of the buckle out of metal.

Alternatively, any recomendations for a good all round harness for winter and trad?

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 Fiona Reid 07 Feb 2023
In reply to Sharp:

Can't help with a harness that has clips but the Black Diamond Technician is my go to for winter because both the leg and waist loops fully undo meaning getting it on over loads of layers or over crampons is easy. It has 4 ice screw clipper attachments. Both mens and womens versions are available. 

I've actually just bought a smaller one (my winter one is sized for me wearing up to 7 layers) for trad but haven't had a chance to use it yet. 

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OP Sharp 08 Feb 2023
In reply to Fiona Reid:

Thanks for the reply. I haven't managed to find anything similar to what I've had and the BD technician was on the list of considerations. How do you find the size of the gear loops? I've seen comments that they're quite small.

The arcteryx 395a is pretty much as close to what I want apart from the price! Also was looking at a couple of the Ocun harnesses, but there are only 2 screw clipper slots and they don't look that solid.

In reply to Sharp:

Blue Ice Choucas Pro has opening leg loops (but normal waist loop) and it seems to satisfy your other requirements as well. Despite looking like lingerie it is reasonably comfortable even for abseiling. 

It has four caritool slots. The gear loops are really large but very thin so they snag on carabiners sometimes.

 Fiona Reid 08 Feb 2023
In reply to Sharp:

I find the gear loops to be fine. I also use a bandolier so not everything gets clipped to my gear loops but I'd have space if I needed it. Nuts live on the bandolier, quick draws, ice screws and cams on the harness plus hexes too in winter only. 

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OP Sharp 09 Feb 2023
In reply to All:

Thanks for everyone's comments. I ended up going for another Mammut harness, the comfort fast adjust, which was on offer.

 VictorM 10 Feb 2023
In reply to Sharp:

How are you liking that one so far, and is the sizing accurate? I have been looking for a new harness that is lightweight, has four good gear loops and four ice clipper slots and that one is on the list, together with the Blue Ice Cuesta Adjustable. 

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OP Sharp 10 Feb 2023
In reply to VictorM:

I haven't received it yet! It looks very similar to my old mammut harness though, in terms of gear loop type and placement. The gear loops could have been bigger but they're big enough, ice clipper slots are in a decent place and don't interfere too bad with carrying other gear.

I'm a 30 waist and I my old harness was a Medium, which is 31-34. Fit was fine but it was at it's smallest size in the summer. Was a pretty comfy harness for trad and winter although I wouldn't want to hang it it for long.

 VictorM 06 Mar 2023
In reply to Sharp:

To follow up on this, I saw that Mammut has put the Sender Fast Adjust on sale and it became available in my size so I ordered it. It arrived this weekend and I tried it on. Looks and feels like a good allround harness, gear loops are decently sized and the four ice clipper slots are well placed too. Heavier than my Hirundos though, but not by much.  

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