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rachchanter - on 28 Feb 2013
Hi! Looking for a bit of advice on climbing shoes. I wear about uk size 3 and have worked my way through a couple of red chilli spirit lady VCRs. I'm looking for something a bit more technical for mixed bouldering, leading, outdoor climbing because these start to turn up very quickly. I'm struggling to find many options that come in my size to even try on! I realise its about which shoes fit but does anyone have any ideas for some I could try? Thanks.
kathrync - on 28 Feb 2013
In reply to rachchanter:

I feel your pain; I wear UK 2.5 in street shoes! The good news is that most climbing shoes do come small enough. The bad news is that no-one stocks them and shops are often unwilling to order them in because if you don't take them they are hard to get rid of.

I find that most 5.10 shoes fit me pretty well. I have been wearing the same model (Anasazi vcs size 2) for about 8 years now because I know I like them so I can order them from shops that know me on the understanding that I will take them unless they are faulty.

I have found that you are most likely to find small sizes to try on in shops that are located at climbing walls. I guess they have more children coming through than shops on the high street.

Good luck!
turtlespit - on 28 Feb 2013
You could try the approach my other half went for: try on a lots of pairs that are as close to your size as possible, then order online.

She tried testarossas in an EU36.5, felt that the shape was fine but just a bit too big, and ordered an EU35.5 from the USA. (We're in Australia at the moment, and the shop we were in said it would take 6-12 months for them to special order a smaller size)

On top of this, if you order from shops in the UK, order 2 sizes (eg 35, and 35.5) and send back the one that doesn't fit.

If you have narrow feet, a lot of the la sportiva models are good (try the mens/unisex models as well). Also try the 5.10 Sirens.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.