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Baby carriers

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 Mancclimb 08 Jan 2021

Does anyone know the best baby carriers to use when hiking?

 D.botts87 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

We use an Osprey (poco?) one. When I looked online it seemed to be a toss up between this and a deuter one for the most recommended.

Works really well in keeping the weight off your shoulders and little one seems content in it.

They are expensive mind you. We found ours second hand on facebook. 

Hope this helps 

 SAF 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

What age?

 elliot.baker 08 Jan 2021
In reply to D.botts87:

Yeah we have one of these as well, it is comfy but it’s a bit heavier than some of the more slim line ones (albeit this one offers a  it more protection from the elements I gather). 

We used it with ours from about when he could stand assisted I think, but I think he’s quite a heavy baby so it can be tough going haha! 

when they were younger we used an ergo baby which is super comfortable and can go on your front or back so would be fine for light hiking. 

when they were really small we used one of those big fabric papoose things you wrap around yourself and that was lovely and I could put my coat over them and look down the zip at them. 🥰 you could probably carry a backpack whilst using this. 

In reply to Mancclimb:

We started with a Little Life one, based on recommendations from other walkers. However we found the normal mode of carry to be with the baby leaning backwards, this makes carrying harder of course, and quite considerable sideways rocking at times, especially on uneven ground. 

We sold it and got a second hand MacPac one from a seller on here, when I went to buy it I put a bag of spuds in to check it - no babies were available there! The difference was immediate. We have been happily using if for 8 years now with a succession of children.

There are many differences between different types but I think back length is one that is overlooked. A good match between your back length and the carrier's (or a big rucsac) are important when carrying a heavy load.

 Axel Smeets 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

I have one of these:


Used it for our first (about to turn 3) and currently using it regularly for our second child (9 months). Brilliant piece of kit. Build quality is fantastic and it's comfortable to wear. Never had any complaints from the children either. 

Look at the second hand market for things like this. Barely anything we have for the kids is brand new (although we did buy the carrier new)!

 maxsmith 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

go second hand, we used an old vaude one bought for a fiver from a charity shop, pretty indistinguishable from all the $$ ospreys

 Mancclimb 08 Jan 2021
In reply to D.botts87:

Thanks. They seem out of stock... everywhere...

 Mancclimb 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Axel Smeets:

We'd love one buy they are out of stock 

 Mancclimb 08 Jan 2021
In reply to crowberry gully:

Thanks, we're on the lookout for one now

 Ged Desforges 08 Jan 2021

I much prefer the soft carriers, even now she's nearly 2 and a half.like this  https://www.lillebaby.com/products/carryon-airflow

This is the toddler one but there's a baby one too. 

They're right against your back so feels way less cumbersome. And you can have them on your front when little. You also know they're warm enough. Only downside is in the summer it can be a bit too warm. They also take up way less space in the car, and when they're doing some walking you can stick it in a rucksack for when they get tired. 

In reply to Mancclimb:

We bought my son a Bergan's one. https://www.bergans.com/en/gear/backpacks/child-carriers/kids-trekking-blue-grey

Expensive, and quite bulky, but still going strong after 4 years with two successive children. They have borrowed other types when not able to take theirs with them and haven't found anything as comfortable. Can still carry our 3 year old grandson who is a bit adverse to walking at times, and he's quite chunky (likes his grub).

 Wee Davie 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

Don't buy a new one. They are very expensive if you buy premium ones. You can pick them up for reasonable money. We had a very good condition MacPac off FB for £40 or so. 

 MisterPiggy 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

My daughter rode around in a second hand Macpac rucsac-style baby carrier from less than a year old until almost six. The seat was adjustable for her and the back length also, so both my wife and I could share the carrying.

Our daughter loved it. When she was finally too big, we passed the bag on to other parents.

That style of bag was ideal for carrying a child, nappies and food, and so much more useful in crowded places or out and about where a pushchair couldn't go.

My favourite memory: blackberry picking: one for me, one for the basket, and one passed over the shoulder where it was part eaten, part rubbed onto her face and part smeared in Daddy's hair.

In reply to Mancclimb:

I did a thorough review of the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro last year, which I'd really recommend (link below). We had a much softer one prior to this and infinitely prefer this, as the extra support, particularly on longer walks, makes a massive difference to your comfort (and likely the child's too). That said, there's no denying that this does come with extra bulk, size and weight as a result, but thethe trade off has been worth it.

When it comes to buying second hand, if you find the right thing then this is definitely worth it. If not, it just depends on how much you want to compromise. If buying cheap means buying twice, or getting something that doesn't quite fit, or is a bit knackered, then maybe it's not worth it - particularly if you're going to be using it a lot (and we've certainly used ours loads throughout the past 12 months).

I can certainly see this carrier having more than enough life in it for as/when/if we ever decide to head back into the fray and have a second child.

Whatever you decide, good luck in getting out with the little'un!!


 mattyP 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

We have the Osprey Poco with the added rucksack attachment. It’s a weight when loaded but I just tell myself it’s training!

 mike123 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb: another vote for macpac , had a couple of others which were fine for pottering but the mac pac one carried them on reasonably long walks and up reasonably big hills . The little life ones are also really  well made . Little life make one that packs down really small for travelling , that was really handy too. Have look on eBay and Facebook. The mac pac one I sold had loads of use and had loads of life left in it. 

 ateddy 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

Yet another vote for Macpac, I think ours was called a possum, a very stable and comfortable carry with space for kit below. We bought ours 17 years ago and sold it on after lots of use, including being loaned out to friends. I’m afraid I sold it on last year but it was still going strong, so excellent durability. 

 JB 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

I have a Little Life Cross-country which is for sale. Happy to send pics and more info...message me. I'm in N. Ireland so not sure how posting it would work...

 greg_may_ 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

Macpac here -third owner of it - child of 3.75 who will happily walk off a Munro, but not up  

Will only stop using it when I can't carry her in it any more! It's great training.

 David Cowley 10 Jan 2021
In reply to D.botts87:

I second the poco. I got the premium abd well worth it 

 stuartf 10 Jan 2021
In reply to David Cowley:

Another happy Poco owner here, although neither of our kids would tolerate big walks where they'd be sat in it all day.

 biggianthead 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mancclimb:

Grandparents. They love it and are free

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