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 rodw 09:14 Thu

Thinking of wild camping somewhere near the summit any thoughts for a sheltered spot 

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There's not much shelter on top - it's a massive rolling plateau without a lot to break the wind. On a nice night I might go somewhere around the Wells of Dee. Unless it's calm you'd probably be better off down in one of the corries. Garbh Choire is obviously enormous and I imagine you'd be able to find any number of possible spots. The northern corries are a good left field option. Walking in to any of the corries is longer and harder than the standard ridge-top summit route. Guess you could drop into one from above.  

 streapadair 11:33 Thu
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As Dan says, there is zero shelter anywhere near the summit, but a little down between the Wells of Dee and the plateau edge. Down in the Garbh Choire there's a refuge which I believe has been done up a bit since I was last there, but don't expect a 5 star bothy.

 CurlyStevo 17:15 Thu
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I guess you could see what the weather brings. You can descend easily enough in to Garbh Choire from the plateau if you want more shelter. I've descended the northern most side of Garbh choire Dhaidh before now, its possible to wild camp there also which is higher up than the bothy.

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 ScraggyGoat 00:01 Fri
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As mentioned its south and east facing corries all offer camp spots, in some cases very good ones, looking across Angels Peak and Carn Toul. The north facing corries are much harder to find a pitch and offer views down across the strath with its twinkling lights and if lucky an Aurora.

 jpicksley 19:30 Fri
In reply to streapadair:

I had a look at that bothy a few weeks ago and it's defitenly been done up. Looks nice and cosy. Sleep 3 at a push. Sorry, no photo. Being near it might be useful if the weather goes to sh*t.

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