/ Crieff Hydro easy walk for a 2 year old?

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Pietrach 10 Oct 2019

I will be staying in Crieff Hydro soon for a weekend, and looking for a nice walk suitable for a 2 year old (I consider need to carry him some part of the route). Preferably max 1-1.5hrs but does not need to start at Crieff, I can drive to the start of the route.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Harry Jarvis 10 Oct 2019
In reply to Pietrach:

If you're staying at the Hydro, the obvious one from the front door is round the Knock (which is the hill upon which the Hydro sits. The full walk round is 2.4 miles, up a bit and down a bit, and you can go to the lower top which has a topograph pointing out all the local views. In good weather, there are views west as far as Ben More and Stob Binnean, and south-eastish to the Lomond hills in Fife. There are occasional sightings of red squirrels. 

A little further afield, but still in Crieff, would be Laggan Hill and Lady Mary's Walk. Starting at the Taylor Park car park, you can go up the hill first and descend with decent views, and walk back by the River Earn along the tree-lined Lady Mary's Walk. All told, about 3-3.5 miles. Again, red squirrels are possible. 

Further to the west, there is a pleasant circular walk in Comrie, which takes you up and down beside the River Lednock, including the falls at the Deil's Cauldron and the Wee Cauldron. If you do go to Comrie, visit either Hansen's Deli in Comrie, or Comrie Croft (between Crieff and Comrie) for coffee and cake. 

The Crieff Tourist Information Centre on the High Street should have a leaflet with maps of local walks, but if you'd like to research beforehand, it's the Crieff Path Network leaflet link given on this page:


Edit - I've just looked the map to which I linked. The Knock path shows part of the walk leaving the Knock and crossing the main road (south-eastish dotted section). I wouldn't bother with this bit - it's not remotely interesting and I can't really understand why it's included. Stick instead to the main main track on the south east side of the hill, marked as the purple dashed line.

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skog 10 Oct 2019
In reply to Harry Jarvis:

The previous poster has covered it perfectly, really, but I just wanted to drop in the suggestion that a 2 year old might have more fun at Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, just South of Comrie so not far away.

There's plenty of walking around outdoors looking at the animals, and a longer trail or two, and a soft play barn and cafe too.


Harry Jarvis 10 Oct 2019
In reply to skog:

A very good suggestion, especially if the weather is a bit unkind. I'm always amused by the albino wallabies at Auchingarrich. 

If the weather is decent, the 2 year old might also enjoy the play park at Macrosty Park in Crieff. 


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