Lost & Found Challenge - Torside Clough

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 hades.bearer 09 Jan 2022

Hey Folks,

I was helping out with the Spine race at the weekend and stupidly lost one of my hiking poles into Torside Clough... Smile and wave is about all I could do as I watched the thing float away at rapid speed down stream...! The river was in full force with the heavy rain & snow melt.

I had a go at walking up and down several hundred meters of stream looking for the thing, hoping it was wedged in a rock or washed up on the grass somewhere but to no avail. Hopefully it is still there, just with the high water jammed under the flow...

So the challenge, or (really favour I ask) is if anybody is planning a walk that way soon when things are a fair bit drier and fancies trying to find my pole I'd be extremely grateful. I live quite a way away so might be some time before I get a chance to go and look again.

Lost location: Where the stream crosses the Pennine way 081965, but I guess it could be anywhere now between at the bottom of Torside Reservoir or there...!

Description: Yellow Leki Trail AS extending pole

Owner: Idiot - +44 7444 214487

Thank you!

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