OS Maps Premium worth it?

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 LDWme 13 Sep 2021

Hi all,

My trusty Garmin GPS took a fatal hit on my last walk and Iv been thinking about what to do next. Does anyone have the OS maps app with premium? if so you you think it’s worth it and possibly a replacement?

I’m struggling to justify fixing or replacing my GPS if my phone can do offline maps etc.

Just wanted to see if anyone used the premium feature on the OS app and thinks it’s worth it?

  1. Are the maps any good?
  2. Are these enough routes on there (user created)
  3. What are the national park routes like that’s on the features page?

Thanks in advance!

In reply to LDWme:

I have it, I like it. Not used feature 2 and 3 but the map quality is good, and the gps is accurate. Why carry an extra device when your phone can do it all? 

 LDWme 13 Sep 2021
In reply to echo34:


Do you find it harder to use your phone in the rain or in the cold when the touch screen might not work?

In reply to LDWme:

Aquapac phone case, cord around your neck. Used this many times in my days (Covid Lockdown) as a Hermes Courier. Finger print doesnt work though.

In reply to LDWme:

I'm a fan.  Only annoyance is that the iOS (well, iPad) version rotates too easily - Android version is great.

In reply to LDWme:

I’ve used it for a couple of years and found it pretty good, although never really used the user created routes so can’t comment on that.

I recently switched to Anquet because, despite a much clunkier UI, the print quality is significantly better. I found that the OS site uses a relatively low quality file and contour lines in particular can be hard to see. It was always fine on a screen though, so if you won’t be printing much from it then it shouldn’t really matter. 

In reply to LDWme:

No problems in the cold, if it’s raining it can sometimes not recognise touch but if you just wipe the screen it will be fine. My phone is waterproof so I don’t use a case or anything just put it in a pocket. 
I used to have a satmap around 10years ago, but the phone is so much easier to use. 

In reply to LDWme:

I use the OS maps app in summer as its more convenient than bringing along my garmin gps. However in winter I just can't get on with taking my gloves off to work my phone, so stick with the garmin then as it has a mini joystick. 

 Phil Lyon 13 Sep 2021
In reply to tomsan91:

don't use it on my phone much when out and about as don't want to use up battery, but great to know if in dire navigational situation, it should help me out.

But I do use OS premium account to print off small sections of maps and spares every time I go out to the hills.

 kjb 14 Sep 2021
In reply to LDWme:

Used it on the Pennine Way this summer in flight mode and in a waterproof case worked flawlessly 

 Baz P 16 Sep 2021
In reply to LDWme:

Me and my partner have used MemoryMap for many years but this year she purchased the premium OS app.
We find the OS app to be more versatile when used on a mobile device as opposed to being PC based. You can plan routes and export them more easily and the maps are updated constantly. MemoryMap is much better when using on a PC but the HD maps of the U.K. are over £100. 
The NP route maps are pretty rubbish as they revert to a map more like a Google map with red paths although they do have contours but little shading. Can’t see any advantage over the normal OS25K. 
There are lots of user created routes but if used for cycling (which we do a lot) you need to double check as people cycle along footpaths and along private roads. We’ve not found anywhere to post a review on such routes. 
We both use the maps on IPhones connected to power packs so don’t have power issues. 
My partner thinks that overall the app is well worth the money and is preferable to the many other apps that we seem to have acquired like ViewRanger, Wikiloc, etc. 

 desmondo1 17 Sep 2021
In reply to LDWme:

Hi I only use it as back up to my Garmin when I don't have a full paper map. I always draw a rough route and download the map segment but rarely follow it. However, two weeks ago I did switch it on to see something better visually on the phone map. When I got it to locate me it showed my position as about half a kilometre away from my actual position. Switched phone on and off again and it was the same. I have tried it twice since and location was spot on. A one off, maybe, but worrying if it was poor weather and that was what you were relying on to navigate.

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