OS maps subscription printing problems

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I've been using the OS mapping subscription for a while now and no matter how good it is to have, I am constantly frustrated when trying to print anything.  Does anyone else have this problem? When I select print, then select print to scale and select the scale I want, the preview window shows an area that will supposedly print. However, once in the print dialogue box the print area is different and there doesn't seem to be any way to adjust the printable area. I am on the verge of cancelling the subscription. Anyone got any ideas or have any experience getting the print function to work properly?

In reply to Jan Hofheiz:

I'm frustrated with it, the last time I printed a map from it (August) I wanted 1:25000 (Explorer) features as I wanted dry stone walls and field boundaries etc. When I printed it I got a map at scale 1:25000 but while trying to see my exact position on the hill to locate something (compared to the wall junction and stile) I realised **face palm** I had the 1:50000 (Landranger) features rendered to 1:25000 scale... so dry stone walls not drawn. Thus was Yorkshire Dales and I know there's a matching Explorer, so it's not like OS don't have this

I needed to do the same a couple of weeks ago for somewhere in Wales and still the same issue. Again it was useless as I wanted it to be able to locate a feature marked on the 1:25k not shown on 1:50k. I had to go to horrible Bing and use their OS maps view and print screen for that small area as I couldn't print from OS itself.


 martianb 19:25 Sun
In reply to Jan Hofheiz:

I've just logged back in to the OS website to print maps for tomorrow. 

They've changed the 'Print' tool lay out, taken away the preview page(which wasn't a true reflection of the area you were printing) and have instead got the print area highlighted on the main map.

They've also changed the 'select to fit' options. Kept the print map scale and got rid of the 'fit to page' option.

I always chose the 'print map scale' option and never had a problem with the scale of my print outs.

This evening however it's all over the place on a 1:25k map print the scale for grid square is between 800m (no other personal printer options selected) to 950m (no margins and 100% scale). 

I'm a bit hacked off as there was no issue for me a month ago and i subscribe to OS because i can print the maps whenever i want. 

 c357 19:42 Sun
In reply to martianb:

I found this issue the other day using, but using the old still prints the right size. As you say very frustrating, especially if you don’t check after printing. Luckily I did!

 martianb 19:43 Sun
In reply to Jan Hofheiz:

Just done 1:25k print with the scale bar printed on the map. I've put a ruler up against and it's bang on 40mm.

Then checked the grid lines on the map and they're 38mm apart?? I'm confused.

I've tried to compensate by doing a custom scaling on my printer options but this isn't doing anything and it's still printing grid lines at 38mm apart.

 martianb 19:49 Sun
In reply to c357:

Aha.... i've logged in to the other site. 

Thanks for the tip. Just logged in to the and it's the layout i'm use to. 

Just printed a map from there and the grid lines are 40mm. Thanks

In reply to c357:

There are a few people who have found the new website messes with printing at correct scales. I've stayed away from using it, as I can print accurately to scale using the old website. 

When this came up here a few weeks ago someone said they had contacted OS about this issue with the new website and they responded saying they were aware and looking at fixing it. Perhaps anyone having this problem should contact OS to add to the "weight" of user comments on this issue?

 c357 20:22 Sun
In reply to jbrom:

Will do. 

 martianb 21:27 Sun
In reply to jbrom:

Email sent to OS

 Glyno 17:25 Mon
In reply to Jan Hofheiz:

I've emailed OS more than once about this issue. Their most recent reply asked me to send them a screenshot!!

 kwoods 17:33 Mon
In reply to Jan Hofheiz:

Got to say, I'm frustrated by OS Maps app on a range of issues.

Wish somebody would go and write a kick-ass bit of software and put us out our misery.

Any software developers in the house?

In reply to kwoods:

There looks to be a major new version of Anquet coming out later this year. When my OS subscription is due I think I’ll switch from the hopeless OS - they’re incredibly uninterested in their customers. 

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