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Jungle_153 23 May 2019

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm planning an overnight adventure in the mountains with my little one. Thought of walking over to the Gables with an overnighter somewhere in that area. Returning to the car on the morning, was thinking of parking at the slate mine / hostel. Can anyone advise on parking arrangements there. Google has not been my friend on this occasion and not getting any results on a forum search.



BnB 23 May 2019
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You can park there for about a fiver a day. Just pay at the reception when you arrive

Mike Peacock 23 May 2019
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Park a little further down and walk 500m back up the road? Streetview:


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Tom the tall 23 May 2019
In reply to Jungle_153:

The car park behind the hostel is free if you’ve got National Trust card.

TonyOD 11 Jun 2019
In reply to Jungle_153:

I was up there with a gold D of E group a couple of months ago and we parked a vehicle at the quarry as the weather was looking iffy for the weekend and we needed to cover all bases. We arrived at about midnight and there was a sign saying £5 a day for parking. We put a note under the shop door with our reg number explaining we had arrived out of hours and would come and see them to settle up when we picked up the vehicle, which we did. They said that people park there all the time in similar circumstances but nobody before us had ever made any attempt to pay, if we just bought a coffee from them we'd be square. lovely people.

(The weather was biblical by the way!)

kaiser 11 Jun 2019
In reply to TonyOD:

Bless you.  You should be awarded a DoE (or even an OBE) for your integrity

TonyOD 12 Jun 2019
In reply to kaiser:

At last, the recognition I deserve! ;o)

But it's just the right thing to do, innit? As a matter if general principle, I'm always happy to pay to park when I'm out and about (the money either goes into either the local community or to bodies who are active the care and protection our wonderful countryside - NT, PDNPA etc.). I paid 7 quid for a full day's parking at Wasdale Head last Saturday and had a cracking day on Scafell Pike and the Corridor Route, if my parking fee was the "price of admission" it was bloody good value. How much is a cinema ticket nowadays?

kaiser 12 Jun 2019
In reply to TonyOD:

Totally agree with you

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