Printing (custom) map (of Ethels)

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 yorkshire_lad2 25 Jul 2021

Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a custom map printed with a defined set of points highlighted.  I know OS do Custom maps (, which may be half way there, together with my own sharpie, but wondered if anyone had any ideas.

I'm thinking to use the Ethels in the Peak District ( as a bit of a project.  I'm hoping to encourage a walking friend back into walking after a couple of strokes, and I've suggested the Ethels as a great way of doing it/getting inspired about starting out again, and taking us places that we otherwise wouldn't go, and are nearer to home for him and would be an exploration for me being a bit off my usual radar (I've just completed the Wainwrights so another such project looks appealing).  He sounds interested but he's asked if there's a map (he's a "map" sort of guy, as am I, and quite likes a large bit of paper to pore over and plan).

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a map of the Ethels printed?  I don't mind paying a bit for it (it's in a good cause).  A bit of Googling suggests there isn't an Ethels paper map (unsurprisingly) but there is an app (

There's a representation of the Ethels at and a log  at ; it would be great to get a map at (probably) 1:50,000 with the hills on.

Maybe I'll have to resort to a custom OS map and my own sharpie, but I thought I'd see if anyone here had any suggestions first.


 Lankyman 25 Jul 2021
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Back when I was knocking off Munros I just had the OS maps and marked them with a yellow blob of highlighter pen on the summits. I ticked them off in an old logbook. Planning routes and link ups was part of the pleasure. I put orange blobs on the Corbetts but didn't go down that path. Years ago I did a similar thing for 1,500 ft summits in Bowland. I may even have one or two left?

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I’ve done similar using Anquet’s map software. For what I was doing I had to create a series of jpg files covering the large area I was interested in, with waypoints marking the hills. I then stitched the files together in photoshop to create a single large image which I had printed on A0 paper at a university print shop. It took quite a while.

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I've already done this if it helps anyone.

Here is a JPEG and anyone can have the original photoshop file if they like

I've almost finished a UKH ticklist too

 yorkshire_lad2 10 Sep 2021
In reply to Dan Arkle:

That's simply fantastic: thank you for sharing!

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