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Social distancing could wreck mountain footpaths

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 yorkshire_lad2 17 Nov 2020

Covid in Scotland: Social distancing 'could wreck mountain footpaths'


Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere on UH, didn't spot it.

(Article picked up from an e-mailshot from Scotways/SRoW soc)

Suspect I'm preaching to the choir here, and just posted for info.

 Billhook 20:49 Fri
In reply to yorkshire_lad2:

The Cleveland Way, has been churned into a mud bath between Whitby & Robin Hood's Bay, because of the unprecedented amount of visitors we've had  due to furlough no doubt.

Most of these folk are not really interested in going anywhere else, It is quite difficult to socially isolate on that section of the Cleveland way.  Cliff one side, barbed wire on the other.  People have even got lost on it!!!!  The path is a five mile long muddy trench.

Yet despite all the thousands of visitors we've had recently, their avoidance of the many other footpaths means some of the footpaths near us have seen no visitors, and I can think of two or three which are now totally blocked off by undergrowth such as briars.  They are on my 'to do list', to clear next week.


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