NEW ROUTE CARD: Whernside and Gragareth

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 Chris Scaife 01 Aug 2021
This Three Counties walk begins in North Yorkshire, before crossing into Cumbria and then Lancashire. Whernside is the highest peak in North Yorkshire, but is rarely as busy as its Three Peaks companions Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent. On this circuit, it is reached by a long, broad, leisurely ridge that overlaps little with the Three Peaks walk itself. Across the valley, Great Coum, Green Hill and Gragareth form a ridge of similar proportions, which includes the highest point in Lancashire. In between is tranquil Kingsdale, with grassy hillsides punctuated by limestone scars, home to a number of caves. Perhaps the best known of these is Yordas, a former show cave that featured in the works of Romantic poet William Wordsworth and artist J. M. W. Turner, and one that - in normal weather conditions - is perfectly accessible to walkers armed with nothing more technical than a helmet, light and pair of wellies.

17.40 miles, 28 km, 947m ascent, 6 – 9 hours. Ingleton

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 John Gresty 01 Aug 2021
In reply to Chris Scaife:

What about the original Three Counties walk, highest points of Westmoreland, Cumberland, and Lancashire. I did this as an end to end walk many, many moons ago. OK, so these counties have been changed, but the trek is still possible.

Thinking about it there have probably been several  'Three counties walks' involving other areas.


 Lankyman 02 Aug 2021
In reply to Chris Scaife:

Just a minor point, Chris. The County Stone was demoted in 1974 when it used to sit where Westmorland, Yorkshire and Lancashire met. Now it's just Cumbria and Lancashire. If you go south of Green Hill that's where (North) Yorkshire meets Lancashire.

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