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 minimike 06 Jun 2022

I'm thinking about doing a crack at the yorkshire 3 peaks. I'm not going to run it all by any stretch but I'm not intending to plod around in the statutory 12 hrs either. I'm fairly fit at the moment for me, so the idea of running anything downhill but not to steep, or flattish seems reasonable.

Has anyone done it similarly? How long did it take you? Any tips? Best starting point/direction for semi running?


 SouthernSteve 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

It's a good day out. The descent at the end on slippery limestone needs some care. 7 hours enjoying ourselves - unsupported.

In reply to minimike:

Done it in 6 hours walking up and jogging the down and on the flat. Last few miles in from Ingleborough still felt hard.

Ive got a mate who claims he walked all the hills in the race and did it in 4:17, faster than when he ran the hills.

In reply to minimike:

I did exactly that in, I think, 2017 or 18. Despite starting in torrential rain on Ingleborough and ending in a thunderstorm in Whernside it was a cracking day. Took me I think 9 hours 20 including a coffee stop at Horton after Ingleborough and a leisurely lunch stop at Ribblehead (great pie in the pub).

Not included in the 9 hours 20 is the following, which took precisely 50 minutes:

Left the pub after lunch, started running, and a little voice said to me where is your car key. Don't be silly I said. But the voice said it again, so I took off my running pack and behold car key was not there.

Went back into the pub. No key. Various emergency schemes now flying pointlessly round my head. Phoned the pub in Horton where I had coffee. Peugeot key? said the lovely man. Yes, I said, I will love you for ever.

Except the key is 6 miles away ... Bar staff confer ... Tom'll take you, said somebody, and Tom emerged from the kitchen wiping his hands, god bless him for ever, ran me down to Horton in his car, brought me back to Ribblehead, and off I went again.

(In retrospect if there hadn't been Tom I could surely have hitched perfectly safely)

So don't leave your car key in a pub when you stop for coffee. (Ever since then I've kept my car key in a front pocket where I can check by feel while running).

OP minimike 06 Jun 2022
In reply to BusyLizzie:

Ha! Good story.. no risk of that though, I'll be taking the train. I'm currently thinking of starting in Horton but going backwards so I can run from whernside summit to the ascent of PG. I think that's the most runnable section, but it means going up the slog along subler nick.. alternative is the traditional rway round but starting from Ribblehead to avoid crowds. I can't really start/finish at CLD without a car..

 Pedro50 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

About 10 hours (I'm very old) some gentle jogging down hill, a great day out.

 petemeads 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

Starting from Horton, Penyghent first, all walking 8h 44m in 2018, tea from van at Ribblehead. Back in the day, around 1988, jogging all the flats and downs, 5h 21m (at the start of a week that included the Lakes 3000s, and the Welsh 3000s as a round trip, so we were reasonably fit...)

 petegunn 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

4.45hrs for me, walked all the ups and trotted the flat and downhills. Not sure if it makes any difference but I started by the viaduct and went up Whernside first but this made for quite a long but easy going section back to the start.

 lowersharpnose 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

Did it two weeks ago.  Anti-clockwise from Horton-In-Ribblesdale.  Jogged the downhill sections,  walked the rest - 6:50 car to car.  Next time I plan to go anti-clockwise again and run as much of the flats as I can manage, but start at the Ribblehead Viaduct.  This will break up the long section from PyG to Whernside. I think sub 6hrs is on without undue athleticism.

 ExiledScot 06 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

Do it classic way, don't go too hard when heading across the long stretch to the viaduct, keep something in reserve, try to keep feet dry, go steady on the enjoyable long bound down from Ingleborough as you head home, easy to slip, or twist something on tired legs. In days gone by I'd comfortably go under 6, travel light, spend money at the various stops to save weight on drinks or snack, then come back with knowledge and get a pb being self sufficient next year.

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In reply to minimike:

Lovely thread, bringing back good memories.

I'd like to do it again, but I'd like to do it somewhere less popular. Can anyone suggest a similarly satisfying day out, similar distance, suitable for a mix of running and walking - so with some ascent but not too tough, and some amenable flat or downhill sections?

 compost 07 Jun 2022
In reply to BusyLizzie:

For something a bit harder, the Wharfedale 3 Peaks is a great day out - same distance, similar amount of climb but on rougher paths and with more bogs. For something a bit easier, the Ilkley Skyline or Rombald's Stride route are very much more runnable but again similar distances.

I did the classic 3 Peaks as a run/ walk a couple of years ago in about 6 hours in perfect weather. Using Horton/ Ribblehead as start points make sense as the train is there as a bail-out option in case you get overexcited and do too much running and not enough walking :-D 

 Neil Henson 07 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

I ran it a few years back. Didn't feel like eating much breakfast that morning, which is highly unusual for me. Managed to get round in 5 hrs 20. Ordered a big meal and a pint in the pub afterwards. Took one sip of beer, one bite of food then promptly threw up outside,  which is the only time this has happened after a run.

The flat sections are very fast, but I lost loads of time and energy with each successive peak. Was practically crawling up Ingleborough. 

Was great to set off a couple of hours after everyone else, pass them all and return a couple of hours earlier. Was a great day out apart from the throwing up.😁

OP minimike 07 Jun 2022
In reply to Neil Henson:

Well that was awesome! Anticlockwise from ribblehead. Ran about half way up whernside then walked the rest and the steep drop to the CLD valley. Ran to the steep bit on Ingleborough and then a bit on the descent to Horton, which felt rocky and sketchy. Tried to run down PG and back to ribblehead but I was seriously flagging by Birkwith farm.. feet in the stream at ribblehead. lovely day for it. 6:12! Well chuffed 😊

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 Neil Henson 08 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

Nice one Minimike! Glad you enjoyed it.

 ExiledScot 08 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

That's a great time for first shot. Well done.

 Lhod 08 Jun 2022
In reply to minimike:

Nice one Mike, it's a great day out and that's a decent time. 

I'm a bit late to this thread but I ran the Y3P as the middle section of a 50 mile ultra last year, starting and finishing at Malham. I'd highly recommend it if you're interested in that sort of thing. The Y3P loop took about 5h20m and the full route was 10h19m. 

OP minimike 08 Jun 2022
In reply to ExiledScot:

My brain is already trying to work out where I can shave off some time. Ironically I think going slower up whernside might have been sensible. I overcooked the start for sure, which meant the easily runnable finish... wasn't!

 Sans-Plan 08 Jun 2022
In reply to BusyLizzie:

> Can anyone suggest a similarly satisfying day out, similar distance, suitable for a mix of running and walking - so with some ascent but not too tough, and some amenable flat or downhill sections?

Not Yorkshire but the Ullswater way is a good run/walk, has all of the above if you take in the optional parts

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