/ Abandoned tent found in Benn Eighe National Park,

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feepole - on 26 Jul 2013

Police are appealing for information about a tent that has been found, apparently abandoned, in the Beinn Eighe National Park to the North West of Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair.

The tent is grey and orange and appears in good condition.

Anyone with information about the ownership of the tent should contact Police on the non-emergency number 101.

Andy Moles - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to feepole:

That's interesting, we saw the tent on Sunday and Monday having been told by another camper that no one had returned to it. Had a look inside and there was a sleeping bag and mat but nothing else.
Graham Pearson - on 28 Jul 2013
In reply to feepole:
I just spoke to the police (having seen the tent last Saturday) and got told they've located him: he's a geologist who was heading up and down the hill over the course of the week. Sounds like all's well.
feepole - on 29 Jul 2013
In reply to Graham Pearson: That's great news. Dis sound a little bit ominous. Cheers, F
Rigid Raider - on 31 Jul 2013
In reply to feepole:

When bothying I've occasionally come across dossers or wanderers who live a fairly rough life in the Highlands during the summer. We found a bedroom in use by someone at Camasunary, to the evident annoyance of a large group who had left him a note admonishing him for occuplying an entire room. We found his disability benefits book and when back in Portree mentioned him to the local bobby whose wry reply was: "Oh, that's where he's staying at the moment, is it?"

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.