/ Accident - Mickledore Friday

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edunn on 21 May 2018

Was involved in a MRT helicopter rescue at the bottom of Mickledore on Friday. Middle aged gentleman fell 20m or so down the face.

Suspected broken wrist, rib and leg. Two open fractures to head. MRT helicopter managed to lift him off the mountain within about an hour of it happening, which is outstanding.

Video of the airlift is on Wasdale MRT facebook page.

Wondered if anyone else involved knows how the guy got on? Suspect he is still in hospital having undergone some fairly extensive surgeries.

Well done to all involved. MRT and non-MRT.

Be careful out there guys.

olddirtydoggy - on 21 May 2018
In reply to edunn:

The man who fell was a very good friend of ours and we're all extremely greatful to all involved in helping him out from the junior doctor who just happened to be up there walking, the rescue team and the hospital staff. I spoke to him on the phone towards the nightime and he was in good spirit but quite badly injured. He has had surgery and will be making a recovery over time. We're not posting anything about the circumstances but just again, thank you so much for all your help!

edunn on 23 May 2018
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

Thanks for the reply. Glad he's ok. Please pass on my regards and tell him that I wish him well.



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.