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alexgoodey on 26 Sep 2013 -
Hi peeps

I currently own a pair of Karrimor Coniston eVent boots for hillwalking which are very comfy but the structure is steadily degrading and the support is gradually decreasing, so I'm starting to think about the next steps - new boots and winter walking.

I am thinking about a B1 boot that'll last me from where I am now, an ML trainee, to where I hope to be in five years, an ML(W) holder.

I don't have a huge budget, so any ideas below £200 would be preferred - also, as I'm in Snowdonia regularly and occasionally pop into the Ellis Brigham discount store - feel free to include any older models which they might still have in stock (this is surprisingly common as I'm size 12)

I would prefer to have a single pair of boots suitable for all season use in the UK, fairly light, but stiff enough for basic crampons and supportive. It'll need to comfortable for 4-5 days wear at a time.

Over to you, hill sages... Thanks in advance!
Neils - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to alexgoodey: rock and run have the scarpa charmoz for 175 at the moment .i like scarpa and have the similar cristallo.
martinph78 on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to alexgoodey: Scarpa SL Active. Cotswold Outdoors usually offer a good discount to various groups (including 15% for BMC members now!), or will often price match if you chat nicely.

I highly rate these boots despite having only had them 5 months. I am very, very impressed with them and know several ML leaders/MRT guys who have them. They seemingly last forever and are totally waterproof.
Jon Wickham - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to alexgoodey: There are lots of good boots on the market, but they come in a variety of shapes, many of which will not fit you, though they may fit other people. It is therefore important to try on as many boots as possible in order that you find a pair that is right for you.

Ideally go to a good shop where a boot fitter can give you advice on your foot shape, suggest some models to try and things like Superfeet that can improve the fit. Footwear is something that I wouldn't buy on price, particularly if you are earning a living by being on your feet all day. Boots that are badly fitting will make every day miserable and boots that are cheap may be a false economy in the long run. Good boot brands to consider include:

La Sportiva
trish1968 - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to alexgoodey: I would imagine a B1 boot at size 12 would be no good with crampons.
I have Scarpa Mantas for crampons, Asolo B1's for scrambling

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