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Meeker - on 06 Apr 2018

Hi there, I am after a pair of B2 boots for me. I've got really wide and flat feet. Any recommendations please? Thanks

wisefool - on 09 Apr 2018
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If you have really flat feet like I do and find that climbing to be a hindrance, I came across a really cool article on how to fix flat feet

I had feet flatter than my grandma's pancakes. Climbing hurt BIG TIME, especially in the arches of my feet. I was going nuts. 

The article talks about foot exercises that builds the arches in the feet. I do these exercises diligently everyday and can honestly say that my foot health has improved overall. 

This is the article on the foot care site I was talking about:

The ball rolling massage hurts A LOT (at first) but it is probably THE BEST flat foot exercise that worked for me. Nowadays whenever I'm sitting in my office chair at work, I'm constantly rolling out the arches of my feet.

I feel like a new person!

Highly recommend you try it out!

Other than that man, I'm not the best guy to give advice on footwear. I believe trial and error is the key to getting the perfect shoe for you. 

Just my 2 cents!

Hope this helps!  

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Trangia on 09 Apr 2018
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I've got flat feet and I've found that the solution is to replace the climbing and walking boot manufacturer's insoles with orthosoles

I have found they are brilliant, and provide good arch support. I have also got them in my trainers and everyday shoes.


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climberoo - on 09 Apr 2018
In reply to Meeker:

I found that you can wear any boots you like and just fit in some good arch supports.

oldie - on 09 Apr 2018
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FWIW I have quite wide hypermobile feet and find North Face Verto S4K GORE-TEX Boots good, B2, wide, light, not particularly warm,

The advice about insoles sounds good. Maybe with suitable add ons.... initially fitted perhaps with advice from knowledgable shop assistants, chiropodists etc especially if you have pronation.


Smythson on 09 Apr 2018
In reply to Meeker:

Scarpa Charmoz quite wide. I go half a size up and use a Superfeet insole - bliss!

girlymonkey - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to Meeker:

Have your feet always been flat or is it recent? If you have always had flat feet then orthotic type insoles might well give you knee problems. People have tried to push them on me and they are absolutely not right for me. My knees and the rest of my body have grown with my flat feet and my knees are straight with my feet flat. When I use insoles, my knees roll out and hurt.

I suspect the advice is correct if your feet have flattened in later life.

I found scarpa mantas to be fairly good for my wide feet. 

Meeker - on 14 May 2018

Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback. I've tried before to alter the shape of my foot through exercises but it causes more pain.

So I've elected to go for a pair of Scarpa Manta B2's with an orthotic insole. Thanks for everyone's advice!!!

Billhook - on 18 May 2018
In reply to Meeker:

get inserts made by a chiropodist.


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