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ewanjp - on 04 Apr 2012
Me and my mate have half a plan to jump on a plane / train / somethnig disappear off into the mountains for a few days bivying /hiking and then jump back on said plane to come back. We've done this loads of times in the UK and fancy doing it somewhere in the alps.

The main problem we have is that there are too many options - so where to go at the start of June this year that's as cheap as possible?

Requirements are few, but basically, large area for hiking over 3 / 4 days, and public transport from airport to the moutains.

Is plane the only option, or is train on the continent doable if you don't speak the lingo?

dmacmorris - on 05 Apr 2012
In reply to ewanjp: The plane fare asides, I think the Slovenian Alps and the High Tatras are the cheapest places that I can think to go... I'd say expect £500 including flights, for a week - food, accommodation.
peterwales on 07 Apr 2012 -
In reply to ewanjp:
I'd also second the High Tatras, (suppose I would as a person of Polish descent and proud of it!)- but the walking/climbing is immense, it's a real mountain wilderness and the nearby tourist town of Zakopane, (on the Polish side), has everything you would want in terms of good food, decent accomadation and even great live music (why do you think Nigel Kennedy lives there?) all at very reasonable prices.
Pyreneenemec - on 07 Apr 2012
In reply to ewanjp:

Why not 'hop' onto the ferry going to Santander in N. Spain and visit the Picos de Europa ?

Longish ferry journey, but you'd get there in a nice relaxed manner !
Fantastic climbing in the Picos, with the bonus of spotlessly clean Atlantic beaches afterwards. Good local food, wine and cider !
Caralynh - on 17 Apr 2012
In reply to ewanjp:

Atlas Mountains. Easyjet to Marrakech, haggle a taxi to Imlil and walk up to the mountain refuges. Maps available from Stanfords. We spent less than £500 for 2 of us a couple of yrs ago doing this, including 2-3 nights in Marrakeck chilling out afterwards.
Considering you have no toll roads, fuel costs etc, and accom is cheap, I'd say it's probably cheaper than the Alps, and far quieter.
altirando - on 17 Apr 2012
In reply to ewanjp: TGV to Annecy. But is the old bus to Chamonix not operating any more? Even if it isn't, there is still an overnight service down through the alps via Chamonix and Grenoble. National Express should be able to give you info.
poeticshambles - on 17 Apr 2012
In reply to Caralynr: That sounds a great plan, Caralyn, I may steal that for myself. Just need to find an unassuming partner to drag along haha

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