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Gazlynn - on 06 Jun 2012


Me and one of my climbing mates have thoroughly enjoyed reading and completing most of your Scotland's s Mountain Ridges and The Ridges of England Wales and Ireland books.

Now the problem I have is that we are both middle aged but my mate likes to think of himself as a bit of a sport billy and is really up for a challenge.
Myself on the other hand am unfit and over weight and not really that ambitious anymore.
I am telling you this because he recently purchased your latest offering Great Mountain Days in Scotland.


I hope book sales are going well though as having just completed one of the apparently "easier" routes in the book I have just purchased shares in compeed and am contemplating getting shares in feet first, cheshire and llanberis re-soles as people will be going through walking boots like nobodies business.
Although unfortunately I don't think I will be able to benefit from this windfall as he is planning route 14 "circuit of Loch Monar" in the near future and I fear I will not see the next day due to exhaustion and death.

I was just thinking for your next book could you consider something for the fat,unfit, middle aged, who has only recently given up smoking but still enjoys the outdoors sort of guy please?



Mike-W-99 on 06 Jun 2012
tom_in_edinburgh - on 06 Jun 2012
In reply to Mike_Watson_99:

Is that the one with the foreword by Ueli Steck?

Gazlynn - on 06 Jun 2012
In reply to Mike_Watson_99:

After the last couple of Days that's the type of book I am after Mike.


In reply to Gazlynn: Hi Gaz

Thanks a lot for that, it's great to get positive feedback. I'm taking 'sadistic b*****d as a compliment. Some of the pals I roped in on research trips probably agree with you too. ;-)

I'm very sorry about the blisters. But fear not; with a steadidly expanding family and waistline I'm fast heading for fat, unfit and middle aged myself. And with that in mind I'm already planning my next exciting title - Great Canal Towpath Strolls of East Anglia
joan cooper on 07 Jun 2012
In reply to Dan Bailey - Thanks can I put my name down for a first edition , first signed copy? Thank you.
JohnnyW - on 07 Jun 2012
In reply to Gazlynn:

Top thread Gaz, top reply Dan! ;o)
soularch on 07 Jun 2012
In reply to Gazlynn: Speaking as the aforementioned 'sport billy' I look forward to punishing Mr.Lynn with many more of the Dan Bailey classics. He'll man up in time...

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