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skog on 23 Jan 2013
Sorry if this is old news, but I was completely unaware of it until this evening; it could affect the plans quite a few people.

I just received an email saying that "An application has been made for a Temporary Traffic Order (Temporary Road Closure) between Monday 28th January 2013 and Friday 5th April 2013 for the temporary closure of the B8005 and the C1153. The road is being closed so that bridge and road repairs can be undertaken."

This is the road along the North side of Loch Arkaig, which is one of the normal ways of approaching the Rough Bounds of Knoydart and nearby areas. It looks like the closure is the whole stretch West of Clunes, though there may be some arrangements possible for partial access some of the time; the start date doesn't seem to be set in stone yet.

I haven't posted the whole email as it doesn't give explicit permission to do so; others may have more details.

Editor: see UKH news for more here:

skog on 24 Jan 2013
I've checked, and it's OK for me to post this:


We have made an application for a road closure on the North Side of Loch Arkaig and understand that this is a route that walkers use
recreationally and to access the surrounding hills/mountains.

The road is being closed so that bridge and road repairs can be undertaken.

We would be grateful if you could circulate the information below to those members you think may be affected (the date for closure may be put
back but confirmation of this new date will be after discussions with the appointed contractor). If you know of any other groups that may be affected we
would be grateful to learn of them.

1) An application has been made for a Temporary Traffic Order (Temporary Road Closure) between Monday 28th January 2013 and Friday
5th April 2013 for the temporary closure of the B8005 and the C1153;
2) The B8005 is to be closed to vehicles between Clunes and the Achnacarry estate private road junction at the C1153. A diversion
through the Achnacarry estate will be put in place for this section, for light vehicles (maximum weight 3t) for the duration of the works on the
B8005 (bridge replacement and road repairs);
3) The C1153 will be closed along its full length. There will be no diversion. Marine Harvest have requested access at certain times
during the contract and this will be arranged with the appointed Contractor. There may be the possibility for access to certain parts along this route but
the timings of this will depend on the appointed Contractor's programme and whether or not their works allow safe passage. A mini-bus service will
be operated by the appointed Contractor to transport those using the C1153 to their destination along it.

Please contact us if you have any queries or if you would like further information.

Kind regards

Alex Scott

Wallace Stone Consulting Civil Engineers
Royal Bank Buildings
High Street,
Ross-shire, IV15 9HA

Wallace Stone LLP, Registered in Scotland, Number SO301145

thomm - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to skog:
Thanks for posting. Heading up to Knoydart next week for a general adventure and was considering Arkaig road, Kinloch Hourn or the mallaig boat. Anyone know if the road to Kinloch Hourn is generally reliable in winter? Guess I might want some snow chains as a back-up. Thanks.
Joe G - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to thomm:
Another thanks for posting. As for the Kinlochourn road, I'd guess it's fine at the moment. You could leave you car at the top of the hill closer to Loch Quoich before the steep descent if you're worried about it snowing while you're there. Knoydart's a great place for adventures... never mind the hills, just hang around Inverie with the locals
JohnnyW - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to skog:

Yes, I was considering a wee trip to Kinbreak. Bugger. Can't help on the road condition, though I'd want a 4x4 tbh to be safe.....
drmarten on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to skog:
Thanks for this, I haven't been along the road for about two years so maybe it's work that's needing done. I wasn't even aware that there was a C road classification, is the road in question a publicly funded road or an estate road?
skog on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to drmarten:
Oh, I'm sure the work does need done. It's quite a road!

I'm pretty sure it's a public road right along as far as the turning area past the West end of Loch Arkaig, though the temporary diversion at the East end through the Achnacarry estate is private, I think.

C designations (and D and U for Unclassified) aren't normally marked on road signs and maps - they're for the councils, to do with maintenance.
kinley2 - on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to drmarten:
Public road out to the parking area at Nm 988 916 - 1km before Strathan.

Closure of that road will mean the Glendessary munros will be unusually quiet in early spring.
drmarten on 24 Jan 2013
In reply to kinley2/skog :
I remember going along the road after some sections had been relaid, no potholes, no grit or stones, no broken tarmac to give you any grip - the smooth road surface in the wet was actually worse. Thanks again for the info, now I know there are even D roads - I confess to wondering just what condition they are in - any examples?
skog on 31 Jan 2013
Latest update from Alex at Wallace Stone:

Update from yesterday’s meeting with the Contractor (Fion Construction) appointed for the Loch Arkaig works:

1) Works to road repairs will commence in week beginning 4th February. Access will be maintained, for all, during the road works only items but may result in short delays, locally, where the contractor is working (of around anything up to 20 minutes, as estimated by the Contractor);

2) Bridgeworks are intended to start in the week beginning 4th March. Exact dates of individual bridge works are yet to be confirmed and will be when the Contractor’s Construction Programme is issued (soon);

3) Bridgeworks will result in bridges being out of action for periods of days so access when this work is being undertaken will be limited. The Contractor will endeavour to maintain access for as many of the bridge construction days as possible and a mini bus/taxi service will be available at certain points during the day (TBC). It may be better, if you know when you may want to travel along these roads, to contact the Contractor directly. Their office number (since mobile reception is very limited along Loch Arkaig) is 01397 702 834;

4) There may be a localised diversion in operation when the new bridge is being constructed on the B8005 so a diversion may not be required through Achnacarry Estate (TBC soon) i.e. this part of the road may remain open for the duration of the contract;

5) It is anticipated that there will be an extension to the Road Closure to allow the Contractor to have bridge materials delivered to site and to complete the construction of the 10no. Bridges (possibly into early May).
In reply to skog: Thanks Skog; but did you not check the update to the article first? ;-)
skog on 31 Jan 2013
In reply to Dan Bailey -
I did! Since the move to UKH news, the thread seems to have become invisible from the UKC side (where some people would have been reading from). I thought another post might change that, but it didn't...
In reply to skog: Ah, that's because I made it a UKH thread. I'll stick it back in Hilltalk
John Burns - on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to skog: Somebody asked if the Kinloch Horn road was reliable this time of year. I was there on Saturday and, although i didn't go all the way down it, it looked fine. I think it would be unlikley to be troubled too much by snow apart from extreme conditions.

hope that helps.

In reply to skog: There have been a couple of tweaks to the timetable, and the work's now expected to last into May. Latest info from the engineers is set out here on UKH:

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