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Phil Lyon - on 11 May 2017
Whilst browsing the map, I thought it would be an amazing expedition, wild camp and the Sgurr na Ciche Munros to get a boat to drop me and the kids off into Camusrory. It seems this is something that others have done, but can anyone recommend the best (value) service. I've found a couple of websites but there are probably another 10 Mallaig based people with boats that would do this who don't have websites.

Mal Grey - on 11 May 2017
In reply to Phil Lyon:
Being a small community along Loch Nevis, it'll probably boil down to a couple of options, as they'll be the ones the locals use.

These are just observations from spending a few days at Tarbet on a canoeing trip waiting for the wind to drop a few weeks ago:

The Knoydart ferry folk have a smaller craft than the daily "big" ferry, but I'd start with the tiny Nevis communities first, rather than Mallaig. Kylesmorar visitors are dropped off by boat to the few cottages there, they have a website. Camusrory estate have a very posh looking James Bond boat that seems to zoom up and down the loch several times a day from Tarbet, as well as out to Mallaig and back. I'd start by phoning the latter two, especially Kylesmorar, and seeing who they use to drop off guests. People there seemed so helpful I'm sure they'd be happy to help advise.

I've been told about £60 to get a small boat to Tarbet ish, maybe just a bit more to go up the narrows. This is just a conversation we had when wondering what to do if the wind never died, in the end we didn't need it and paddled out, so never asked for details, and I think we were being offered non-profit rates.

Can't really help on contact details though, sorry, but the welcome and help we had as a group of 5 adults and 3 kids under 10 appearing over the hill from Morar pushing laden canoes was amazing. And you're right, it would be an amazing trip. We missed out on the head of the loch due to the weather, but it was still brilliant spending a week living camped on islands on Morar, then at Tarbet, then on the far side of Inverie bay by the point. The kids loved every minute, except perhaps the 5am start to catch tide and weather window to escape to Mallaig!
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ablackett - on 12 May 2017
In reply to Phil Lyon:

You could call the Knoydart Foundation bunk house, I have found the warden very friendly and helpful in the past. You could get the ferry from Malaig to Knoydart and then get a local in Knoydart with a boat to take you the rest of the way.
Phil Lyon - on 15 May 2017
In reply to ablackett:

thanks both, some good tips to follow up there. Looking forward to the adventure.
Ramblin dave - on 15 May 2017
In reply to Phil Lyon:

I can't help with recommendations for boats or anything, but 13/10 for parenting, that sounds fantastic!

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