/ Looking for walkers to be filmed on Ben Vane this Thur

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Alex Messenger, BMC - on 29 Nov 2017

Want to star in some footage on Ben Vane, Arrochar?

We're looking for walkers to star in a BMC Mend Our Mountains drone shoot tomorrow (Thur).

You'll end up with some seriously epic 4K footage of you in the hills.

It's all aerial filming, so don't worry, you don't have to perform in front of the camera, just walk along the path in some bright clothes and perhaps wave an ice axe around on top.

Contact if interested to arrange meeting up.

toad - on 29 Nov 2017
In reply to Alex Messenger, BMC:

Is there a BMC line on the use of drones in remote places?. Ive seen them used for surveying, but that is at a higher altitude than seems to be used for filming and i find them quite intrusive. The resulting images are undoubtedly dramatic, though
Alex Messenger, BMC - on 01 Dec 2017
Hi toad

There's no BMC policy on drones, but when we’re using them, this is what we consider for BMC TV.

We only use CAA qualified and insured drone pilots. See

We make sure that the pilot checks and if required obtains permissions for flight from the landowner.

As climbers and walkers, we’ve very aware of other outdoor users when filming. We’ll take care to explain to anyone who is interested about what we’re filming and why, work around them and often send them footage of their day.

We are always there with a specific shot in mind, which means we won’t be buzzing random people.

As you say, drones give amazing footage, but like anything we do outdoors, we need to use them with respect and consideration for everyone else.

We occasionally get negative feedback about drone users from climbers and walkers, but this is almost always from a climber being buzzed by someone who has just bought their first drone. It's on the list of topics to cover in Summit, which might help with this.

Thanks for everyone who took part yesterday. We had a fantastic response and looking at #MendOurMountains, it looks like everyone had a brilliant day out.

The footage will be used as part of the public launch of Mend Our Mountains at the BMC Sheffield Adventure Film Festival where all BMC members will be able to get 15% off tickets.
toad - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to Alex Messenger, BMC:
Thanks for that.

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