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themattyshep - on 15 Sep 2017
Hi evreyone, I have my ML Assesment Starting Monday so does anyone have any good tips to make my life easier or less stressful for the upcoming week? Technical Tips, nutrition you used? Pooping routine? Literally anything would be of help now ????????
ScraggyGoat on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Its a few days walking in the hills; why are you stressed?

Particularly as a fell runner you should be able to navigate, as a climber ropes are no stranger, and as a youngster you should have spare energy allowing you be more switched on and aware of your surroundings and the 'group'.

Confidence young man, confidence.
GrahamUney - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Just remember, making a mistake isn't an instance deferral or fail. Just try to recover well from any mistakes. Those who recognise that they've got something wrong, then put it right make good mountain leaders, whereas those who make a mistake then hide behind a boulder sobbing, or those who argue with the assessor tend to not do so well!
GridNorth - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

I was a little complacent on mine. I was given the first leg to navigate, setting off from Pen-Y-Pass. The map showed a path heading off right from the Miners track and I mistakenly assumed it would be obvious. It wasn't and we all marched past the designated turn off point. Luckily I realised after several metres and turned round.

Don't switch off just because it's someone elses turn to navigate a leg and do not assume that they will do it correctly (See above) I found the night navigation tough. I always seemed to get sections that did not have any obvious indicators to help me e.g. a walls, fences or streams etc. and the targets to navigate to were often just a slight levelling in the contours.

I came away with nothing but respect for the level of competence required which is not something I would say about the SPA.

Tobes on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Make sure you're the first to shout out spagnum, re entrant and occluded front and repeat several times per day and you'll be fine!

On steep ground day, when 'leading the group' even when your group has been referred to as 'competent' don't assume that is the case! Slips on easy ground (relative to this level) happen so be ready.

Flora and fauna, unfortunately you're not likely to see all that much so if you know your birds, fish, mammals etc there might not be the opportunity to display this. Focus on a few grasses, moss, lichens for a safe bet.

Nav, be the first in your group to lead your legs so you will know exactly where you're starting out from. If you take over from the 3rd/4th person you'll likely be trying to relocate and then lead a leg and possibly not always exactly from where you think you are/were. Good experience but more stressful.

Good luck!

themattyshep - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to ScraggyGoat:

This is the positivity I kinda needed to be honest. Thanks
annieman - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Who is the most important assessor? - Yourself

Know your kit, pack it well. You have put in the hours, QMD's. As an ML the next time that you go onto a hill could be with a group of Primary school children. (This happened to me on assessment in the 90's, wouldn't happen now)

Now ask yourself, next week could I take a group out, inspire them with confidence, navigate and provide them with knowledge about the mountains, flora and fauna?

Do what you do well, be ready, admit mistakes and correct them. Oh and don't trust the other candidates to Navigate, always know where you are.

Good Luck.
Welsh Kate - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Never stop concentrating, you're being assessed on *every* nav leg, not just the ones you're leading. You will have to relocate, so always know where you are.

Having said that, you're not supposed to be perfect, so don't beat yourself up if something does go wrong. I failed to find the feature on my first micro-nav leg in very thick clag in the Glyders. In the day's debrief, my assessor pointed out that things do go wrong - but I hadn't panicked, had kept my group safe the whole time, had devised a sensible relocation strategy, and conducted a successful search strategy. Had I not got micro-lost, I wouldn't have been able to show those skills.

Mug up your flora, fauna, geology etc.

I took a spare pair of boots. It was great going out on the expedition with dry footwear after a total soaking in the other pair the previous day.

Enjoy it!

jezb1 - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Hey Matt, check out my website for a couple of blogs about.

Assuming you're at Blue Peris for it? If so I might see you Monday!
GridNorth - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

It's interesting about the flora and fauna. I did my course at Plasy. On one day we displayed our ignorance about this and spent that evening swatting up. Next day we were out with another instructor and he couldn't have cared less and new even less about it than we did by then.

ian caton on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:

Understand the expedition is about getting you knackered.

So on night nav, keep it simple, ignore paths and walk in straight lines. If leading in the Twilight, say "treating as night nav".

Don't take any food you have not eaten before, that might keep you awake.
Billhook - on 16 Sep 2017
In reply to themattyshep:
Flora and Fauna?

When I did my assessment the assessor wrongly identified a small flock of twites as meadow pipits. Being a birder I put him right - tactfully of course.

But he kept annoying me with endless questions about other stuff too. At the end of the final day out, I sat away from him and the other lad being assessed took a cigar out and started to relax. Then comes the assessor.

"Dave do you know what those clouds are over there?"

"Yes, they're lenticular clouds".

So he then asks me what causes them - so I told him, and he then asked me what the weather forecast was going to be. This question was the final straw. I wanted peace and quiet and to finish my cigar. I'd had enough questions for the day!! I glanced at my watch and told him I'd tell him in 5 minuites. ( It was 5;50pm).

He turned to me and sarcastically asked; "Oh, are you going to run into Bethesda and phone up the weather service?"

"No" I replied, pulling out my little pocket radio. "I'm going to listen to the shipping forecast on radio 4 and get an accurate weather report".

He laughed and left me alone after that!

Flora and fauna etc., I think was just put into the syllabus/assessment as a sop - . Its not everyone's cup of tea. And it certainly isn't all assessors either.

Good luck.
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