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andrew pants - on 21 Sep 2017

My names Pants!

I am in the UK working on my ML award, I have done the training and looking to get some mountain days logged and spend time practicing before assessment. I am not restricted to weekends and plan to spend large chunks of time in Wales, Lakes or maybe Scotland. Seeing this as an opportunity to get out and meet interesting people at the same time.

Let me know if you would like to get together and walk up some mountains in all weather, maybe you are in a similar position or maybe you just want to get out and about, or maybe you are already out and about and you want to invite me along.

Might take my climbing gear along as well for days off.

(PS – I’m not trying to climb in my pants, that’s just my unfortunate nickname)
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Luke Reader - on 31 Oct 2017
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Where are you usually based?
Im currently in Norway but will be returning to the UK before Christmas. I keep switching from South West Wales - Carmarthen & Pembrokeshire to West Midlands - Shrewsbury. Unfortunately don't have a car so I will be relying on easy to get to locations from public transport bud
cloy - on 07 Nov 2017
Bremex Mountaineering and Climbing Club might be good for you. The club is made up mainly of people who have done or are training for their ML and organises weekends practising hillwalking and mountaineering skills on a peer-to-peer basis. The club is a small, informal one covering the whole of the UK and organises about nine or ten meets a year in areas like the Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District and Scotland. You can attend one 'taster' weekend without having to pay the membership fee.

annieman - on 07 Nov 2017
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Hi there is a Facebook group, UK Trainee Mountain Leaders, for those with the same ambition.

Good luck with the ML.

Dingerbell - on 07 Nov 2017
IHi Andy I'm available whenever and hoping to my assesement nxt summer.

Alan M - on 08 Nov 2017
In reply to andrew pants:
Hi Andrew I am always looking for ML Partners to log mountain days.

Myself and a friend a doing a 3 day 2 night Lakes trip (wild camping) 21/22/23 November you can join us if you want? We posted it on the Facebook group also. We did a similar trip in the summer 5 of us from the FB group was a good laugh and learnt a lot. I would recommend joining the UK trainee Mountain leaders group if you haven't already.

Mail me through here if you fancy the walk on the dates above.
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Alan M - on 08 Nov 2017
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See my post
Tanke - on 20 Nov 2017
In reply to andrew pants:
I am a Marxist-Leninist if you need any help with award.
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