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Grizza on 05 Nov 2017
Hi. Moved up to the area East of Carlisle. Any ideas as to decent nearby-ish walking or scrambling ascents? Lake District, I presume - but which ones are nearest to start with? Don't really want to have to hack up and down the M6 or travel miles into the inner
LD if there's easy access things on the North/Eastern sides.
Winter conditions and other seasons, don't mind (so recommendations for both, please).
SouthernSteve on 05 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

The back of the Skiddaw/Blencathra is worth a visit or two. You can go up from Caldbeck and then loop over to the back of Blencathra and then depending on how you feel do Skiddaw or descend directly down from the hostel. The cock-ups are in this area and are worth a single visit and the path running behind Blencathra up to Skiddaw House from Mosedale is amazingly pretty when the sun is out in the summer with a mass of purple heather. This is all quite runnable if that's your thing.
winhill - on 05 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

Carrock Fell, Eden different from Carrock Fell. Allerdale in the LDNP. 2000footer, very windy.

Geltsdale bit dull, RSPB reserve. Big rock for bouldering.

For a bit of climbing it's not far from Armathwaite.
Murfle on 05 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:
What SouthernSteve and winhill have both said!

The Northern fells are within a 40-50 minute drive from Carlisle, as are the fells around Ullswater (including Helvellyn with Striding and Swirral Edges).
Guy Hurst - on 06 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

You must be near the North Pennines, which are well worth a a few visits. Cold Fell is a nice walk, in a bleak and windswept way. Also, the Southern Uplands are quite close by. There are lots of interesting walks from the Moffat Water, although not much in the way of scrambling.
Grizza on 07 Nov 2017
Well, technically I' mjust north of the North Pennines - but not found anything really steep and 'fun' ( in my book) there yet: plus all covered in heather my end (and sun-basking slithery beasties last time I went trying to yomp through it).
Not yet tried the Castle Carrick,Cold Fell, Dufton, etc, areas to be fair.

LD areas mentioned did seem obvious from the maps, to be sure. What's the easiest/quickest approach by road from the East/North of Carlisle, Brampton way?

CEW on 07 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

Brampton to Carlise via Warwick Bridge (A69) then down M6 to Penrith - head along the A66 and you'll be straight at bottom of Blencathra (or if you want to head up the quieter side of there head up Mungrisedale). Helevellyn etc also best off via M6 and A66.

I lived in Carlisle for a few years but now over in Newcastle - hence plenty of practice at heading from the east.
Mike Peacock on 08 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

As others have said, the back of Skiddaw/Blencathra is close and good. Two good loops:

Park beside the road just north of Stone Ends farm, just east of Carrock Fell. Head up the steep path in the gully to do Carrock Fell and round onto High Pike, with an optional diversion to Knott.

Start at Mungrisdale and do the east ridge of Bannerdale Crags. It's a lovely line, a bit slatey (though not a scramble), and would probably be at its best under a good firm covering of snow.
Head round onto Bowscale Fell and down. If you're into Wainwright bagging, don't miss the chance to divert across to the classic 'summit' of Mungrisedale Common.

Also on that side of the Lakes, Souther Fell is pleasant for a few hours, as are the two Mell Fells.
petegunn on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to Mike Peacock:
Agree with Mike, the Bannerdale round is good especially in winter, i normally skirt round and up Sharp edge from Mungrisedale and come down the east ridge of Bannerdale crags to make a circular walk out of it.

Good winter photo from the valley here
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Tony Jones - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to Mike Peacock:

You would've got a like if it wasn't for this:
> If you're into Wainwright bagging, don't miss the chance to divert across to the classic 'summit' of Mungrisedale Common.

I did detect the irony in your statement by the way. What was AW thinking? I get the impression he may have shared Ken Wilson's view when it came to puerile list tickers.

wercat on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to Grizza:

Anyone who likes the UFO series should go and have a walk up to the Radar station on Great Dun Fell - very reminiscent of Moonbase and Shado, except for the complete and disappointing absence of purple haired beauties and string vests - though you could wear one to keep warm up there If you walk a little off the access road near where it curves L out of the narrow valley there is galena to be found.
Mike Peacock on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to Tony Jones:

I've done a fair bit of hill bagging - the Welsh Hewitts and well on my way with the Wainwrights. Mungrisedale Common is the only top I've done that I thought was utterly without merit. It's not even a top! It's just a slope. Baffling.
cander - on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to CEW:

Long way round - go through Carlisle, out on Dalston road through Dalston, Welton, Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket to Mosedale and Carrock fell.
CEW on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to cander:

Thats certainly my preferred way for the views, and was almost always was my way back home - however if trying to get anywhere promptly in the mornings tended to find either tractors, wagons or sheep ;) Agree it is more direct from Carlisle - but if coming from Brampton you'd have to sit in the inevitable Warwick Road traffic to wade through
petegunn on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to CEW:

Quicker to head down the M6 to junct 42 and head to Dalston, Sebergham, Caldbeck etc that way, a bit windy but way quicker.
Grizza on 14 Nov 2017
I must admit that in my so far limited experience I find the Southern road trip via Warwick Bridge to J42 easiest - but still a lot of exploring to do. I can also come via Alston & Hartside to Penrith - the scenic, if not winter, route.
Thanks for the recommendations - now just to get the house chaos sorted and I'll have time to get out properly!

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